Business Tip Tuesday {White Balance}

March 10, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Business Tip Tuesday {White Balance}

It is here! Business Tip Tuesday! Andrew giggled at me for coming up with “Business Tip Tuesday” but several of our workshop attendees thanked me for this day! The name might be a little silly but I know there are some of you out there getting everything I am sharing.

This week I wanted to take some slides out from the workshop and talk to you about one of the things we felt most photographers at the workshop were excited about. White balance is one area that we feel can either make or break a photo. There is nothing worse than a super orange white balance that makes peoples skin look not even real. Or how about that magenta color that most beginners seem to have in their photos?

White balance problems NO MORE. Hopefully. Here we go!



Here are your options for setting your white balance. Which one do you use now?



We want to first talk about setting your white balance by Kelvin! This is usually the K on the camera. 2015-03-09_0029


Here are some great photos to show you the different effects of white balance. 2015-03-09_0030

The best way to understand white balance and how it works, I feel, is in Kelvin. Set aside some time to switch over your white balance to Kelvin and follow this cheat sheet! Practice makes perfect! I promise once you get it.. you will LOVE IT! 2015-03-09_0031

Typically, we shoot really warm on Kelvin. Somewhere between 5,000k-6800k outside (we are in crazy western PA though that is mostly cloudy). We like a warmer look to our photos.



As I mentioned above we shot with KELVIN for the longest time. I even recommend learning Kelvin before experimenting with this next option. I think that having Kelvin as a backup option is safe. The ExpoDisc has saved us SO much time and has given our images a whole new look!

Here is how we use it!

1. Figure out where your client or subject is going to stand. Then stand exactly where you would have them at. This is important! Don’t set it where you will be TAKING the picture but set it from where your CLIENT will stand. Set your camera to a perfect exposure by looking at your meter. Then go to you PRE setting for white balance (different for Nikon and Canon) and place the expo disc over your lens. Snap. It should say GOOD or NO GOOD. Once you have a good reading you should be set to you!~

2. If you change locations or have a different lighting situation then you will have to get a reading again.

Why has this made it so easy for us? Well, now our cameras have almost IDENTICAL white balances. In post this makes it SUPER easy to batch edit everything and saves us so much time. No more fixing the crazy colored skin or white balance mis-haps! We also love the warmth it gives to our images!



If you have any more questions about this feel free to shoot us an email! We hope you are ready to get out there and experiment with your white balance!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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