Christmas came early…

For some reason we were itching to put everything up. I wanted to decorate the first week of November but we were just too busy! We have way more decor than I am about to share but I got side tracked with a two year old and didn’t get to take pictures of everything! Ha! Isn’t that how life with a toddler goes? Anyways.. Here is a sneak into our home at Christmas!2014-11-24_0002.jpg




I attempted to get pictures of Emlyn but it was pretty much not working. I bribed her to sit in the chair and told her I would give her a cookie if she sat. She put her cheeks down for less than a second and than asked for her cookie! Here is what I got! CRAZY but natural lol!


That is my flash stofen in her hand! She always wants our equipment! 2014-11-24_0007.jpg


Looking at the lights daddy put up outside! 2014-11-24_0009.jpg


Uhhhh where is my cookie?? lol



Again, she was crying for the cookie. FAIL. Ha.2014-11-24_0014.jpg


These next two pictures is an EVERYDAY occurrence! She currently asks for The Lorax or Monsters University about 1000 times a day! She gets to watch one movie a day.. but she only watches about 20 minutes of it before she is off running around! haha

Always standing in chairs! This was cute to me because last years Christmas photos she was doing the same thing! haha!


Here is one from years pictures of her! 😀 Our biggie girl!



































Have a Happy Thanksgiving and have fun decorating!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,


Andrew and Chrissy Photography