Convos with Emlyn | All About Emlyn

January 18, 2017 , Wedding


Convos with Emlyn | All About Emlyn

This girl has become quite the talker lately and she says some of the funniest things! It is hard to remember all the convos just from the last three days she has amused us with but we couldn’t help but share some of our favorites. This gives you a peak into her personality and just how fun and sweet she is. Also, this collage is just about 1% of how many selfies and pictures this girl likes to take! She cracks us up!


Emlyn: Momma there are HORSEY’S running through my legs!

Chrissy: What?

Emlyn: In my foot, there is a horse!

Chrissy: Emmy do you mean a charlie horse?

Emlyn: YES MOMMY! How do I get the horsey’s out?



Emlyn: I think Emmy Momma sounds weird. Do you think Emmy will be a good mommy name?

Chrissy: You mean when you become a momma you think Emmy sounds weird?

Emlyn: Yeah I think Chrissy is a great mommy name and Andrew, it sounds better!

Chrissy: Well thanks Em but you don’t call mommy Chrissy you just call me mommy. Your babies will call you mommy or momma too!

Emlyn: That will sound great!



Emlyn: Momma when I get big will I not live here anymore?

Chrissy: When you go to college and get married one day, yeah! Not for awhile though!

Emlyn: No! I don’t want to live by myself! (Starts crying)

Chrissy: Em you will know when your ready. For now and for a long time you will be here with us until your ready. Mommy and daddy will always be here!

Emlyn: But Hope (15) and Ben (11) still live at home with their mommy and daddy, I don’t need to move out!

Chrissy: They are big KIDS Em not adults. When they graduate and get older they will be ready.

Emlyn: I think I will just live with you forever. (Gives me a big hug)



Emlyn: (Jumps up on her bed in her pjs and shakes her booty) HAHA! Mommy I love to be silly and shake my butt!

Chrissy: I see that Em! You are CRAZY!

Emlyn: Yeah momma and guess what? You are going to have TWO crazies! Baby A—- will like to shake her butt, TOO!



Chrissy: Emmy, Mimi (Chrissy’s mom) might be sad for awhile because today her Uncle George went to heaven.

Emmy: Awww! He isn’t here anymore? Thats ok momma; she will see him in heaven!

Chrissy: Emmy, that is very smart of you. Yes she will!

Emmy: He will be there with Jesus. Jesus saved us so she will be there with him. Momma I am not going to heaven now am I?

Chrissy: No Emmy. Jesus will take us all to heaven when it is time, but for right now we will be together here. How awesome though that we get to see everyone again one day, huh?

Emmy: Yeah! I will hug Mimi and tell her its ok she is sad about her George.


Well that sure gives you some insight into what is going on in her little mind! The pictures above kind of show you what is going on in her world! Here is a list of them:

  1. She has an obsession with Shopkins. We don’t buy her everything, but she can take pictures with it at Target! lol
  2. She in in Tumbling class for a few more weeks on Thursdays.
  3. She just finished up swim lessons and might take more! She did awesome!
  4. She likes to steal my phone and because its locked the only thing she can do is take pictures and video. Andrew and I plan to share all the videos she records. They are hilarious. She often introduces herself and tells the camera about her day! It is the sweetest thing.
  5. She got a new “Tigey” for Christmas since hers got taken by a little girl back in the fall. She sleeps with him every night now!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy



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