Creative or Counterfeit

June 9, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Creative or Counterfeit


Something hit me this week. I follow so many photographers and I am a part of so many communities. I hear education on lighting, posing, editing, and we are constantly hammering all of this technical stuff in our heads and I know it is important. Man! We have learned so much stuff when it comes to our equipment and getting the best out of it. I am not calling on names here but I do want to make a point. We see so many photographers who are well known and their work is beautiful. They know their stuff and it shows. But I always feel like their is something missing in our communities when it comes to challenging and teaching and this is what it is..

Creativity. Maybe it is that fact we think creativity can’t be taught. A lot of people think they aren’t creative but just like to nice pictures. Or it is easier just to do the same thing every wedding or session. We think about how little time we have and how there is just no room to stop and be creative. I feel like this last year I have spent so much time learning about lighting, posing, all of the different equipment, social networks, organizational products, camera bags, you name it. I have studied and studied. But all of this knowledge isn’t going to look like I want it to if I am not pushing myself to go outside of my comfort zone. To go beyond my creative limits. Why are we not spending more time on teaching photographers how to let go, be vulnerable, and get creative? This is where YOU come out to shine. This is where no one can take YOU and this is why community is OVER competition. You are called to be YOU and do the creative best at it. If we are just becoming copies of other photographers and staying at “Good enough.” and not challenging our creativity we are just a counterfeit. We are to encourage each other in our individual creativity and push each other into bravery.

So I am making a vow. I will stop taking just the FIRST shot and stop missing the second shot. Take the dare with me and look a step further.

What can I shoot through, reflect , or do that is out of the box?

Are their shadows or reflections I can use?


What are a few ideas I can walk into on their wedding day specifically and try to nail? What represents this couple well? What will be their “signature” shot of the day?

What are some ways I can challenge my creativity at home? What exercises or activities can I do to loosen up and just be creative?

Do not settle because you think you are good enough or you have learned enough. That is just not possible. Take it a step further. Don’t look at a picture another photographer took and wonder how it happened and then stop there. Get out there and figure it out. We lose our creativity the older we get because of responsibilities and jobs etc. We are born creative and we have to work to gain that back! Lets get back to that and just let go and be creative. Get vulnerable and think outside of the box. Yes the technical stuff is important but it will look even better and give off a WOW factor if it is mixed with your unique creativity. This is why what we do is fun! This is what it is ALL about. No one can be you so get out their and be the creative best you can be!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew and Chrissy

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