Dear A+C Couples

April 2, 2015 , Bride Tips


Dear A+C Couples,


We say it all of the time and we are going to say it AGAIN. Thank you. Thank you for choosing us. We know how many choices there are out there and you chose US. We are honored and beyond flattered. We know that pictures are so important to you and we are thankful you understand the value of them. Your decision to go with us is not one we take lightly and a matter of fact, quite the opposite.

When we look over the last year Andrew and I are absolutely blown away. We think of all of the engagement sessions, date nights, weddings, and get togethers we have had and we wonder what life would look like with out you. The joy we have felt over the last year is unlike anything else. You choosing us, provided us with the opportunity to make friends and have days that were invested with people we just can’t get enough of. My heart gets so overwhelmed at all of the relationships we have now and the weddings we get to take part of this year.

We want you to know something. We adore you. We talk about you two and your wedding day and we get giddy! We are so excited just to BE THERE and to be a part of such an amazing love story. Every couple inspires us and reminds us of our own first day and we thank you for that. Whether you are a past client, 2015 client or maybe considering us for 2016.. we want you to know we find so much value in YOU and the story you two have. We are thankful we get to create beautiful pictures for you but we are grateful that you chose us because you allow us to live an absolute dream. Because of you we never have to work a day in our lives.. we just get together with friends. We love all of you guys and are so thankful!

I can’t wait to squeeze all of your necks in a few months!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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