Dear Bride,

June 11, 2015 , Bride Tips



Dear Bride,

You might be surprised about what I am going to say but read this with a clear mind. Let’s not chat about your wedding day, let’s not chat about your flowers, pictures, or venue. Let’s chat about what really matters. We know you want your day to be perfect and we want you to have a day that is exactly like you have always dreamed. But there is something we have to tell you. Your wedding day is only day ONE. Just the beginning. Most people go through out their engagement season with such a hustle planning out all of the details that the weight of spending forever doesn’t really set in. We don’t want you to race to what you think is a finish line and think it will be a breeze on the other side. The truth is you are preparing for a lifelong race. The day of your wedding is the day it starts, it is the day you cross over the START line.

Your day is important and we wouldn’t do this job if we didn’t believe it was important. But more than anything we are a part of the wedding industry because we believe in forever. We believe that it is a complete honor to witness two become one and stand before God with you and say this is forever. After the wedding all the planning is done and your family is no longer there telling you their opinion of everything they think you should do. Instead it is you and your husband figuring out life together.

So as you plan out your wedding can I encourage you to prepare your heart for your forever? Start thinking about how you can become the wife you need to be. Take notes and plan out all of the things you want to be for him forever. Planning your wedding is important but what is really important is being everything you can be for your husband. Your wedding day will fade but hand and hand you will be after. So today lay aside the wedding to do list and write out all of the things you want to be for your husband. Write out ideas on how you can love him over the next “forever” and how you can go above and beyond his love language. Put just as much effort into your marriage as you do your wedding day AND more!

Marriage is a blessing and the wedding day is a party to celebrate that you get that blessing. Go through out your wedding day and celebrate that you found your forever! All the details will not be perfect and maybe something will not go as planned but you still have your blessing.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew and Chrissy

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