Dear you, good things take time...

December 29, 2014 , Business



Dear you,

Yes, you! The one who scrolls through looking at other photographers work all of the time and then you start feeling down about your own. The one who gets upset when they see someone else picked up a camera and started a business or when your client went with someone else this time.. Let’s have a talk.

Stahhhp… Stop… Stop it! Stop worrying about things that don’t matter and wasting time and energy. Comparison is a killer, a sucker, a mood ruiner.. Lets be real here. You only compare because you aren’t confident. Confident in what? Confident in yourself but also confident in your WHY.

Why do you love photography? Why do do choose this?

For me.. We get to capture moments that some would never remember if we weren’t there snapping it.. We get to tell their story. Why are we so passionate about this? Well.. Lots of reasons. we want to leave something behind to our kids.. We want them to look back through photos of us, them, our family… We want our grandkids to see that grandma and grandpa used to look like. Providing that for our clients is such a gift to us. Another why of ours.. simple.. Love. We want to meet people so we can love people and serve people. We want to shine a light in darkness and bring something beautiful out of something they struggle to find any beauty in.

What’s your why?

Is that enough for you to keep going? Does it really matter what another photographer is doing in your area? No.. No it doesn’t. It doesn’t change WHY you do what you do.. Or at least it shouldn’t.

You are you. No one can take you. No one can serve your clients like you do. No one sees things the way you do. No one else has your exact why.. Your passion.. Your heart.. Your perspective.

So a client didn’t choose you?! Can we do something.. Stop chasing pennies or worrying what you didn’t book or who went with someone else. Don’t get me wrong.. We follow MANY photographers who inspire us. We look because we know we can learn something from them and be inspired to be better. I don’t look to have a “my work sucks” party. There is a difference. So you are new or your work just isn’t where you want it to be yet. We all start somewhere and all of us should NEVER stop learning. Ignore the naysayers and keep learning.. Pushing yourself and living out your why. All good things take time. I know Andrew and I have so much to learn and we want to learn ALWAYS improve our work. But we know every picture we take, and wedding we shoot.. is a stepping stone in the right direction. Every click is one shot closer to where we hope to be. We are proud of where we were, where we are and we know we are only going to grow in the future.

Serve and love the clients you have NOW! Be thankful for every client and show them just how thankful you are. The time you spend scrolling news-feeds you could send an email (OR CALL, old fashioned I know) one of your clients letting them know you are thinking of them or just seeing if you can help with anything.. It goes a long way. They feel special. Loved. Isn’t that what we want to aim for? Don’t we want to know we are making a difference in SOMEONES life rather than worry about your numbers and why someone has more than you? You have 10 weddings.. but you want 20.. Its tough. I know. But I beg of you.. Be thankful! You can make a difference, you can serve and knock the socks off of 10 happy couples. And guess what.. they will remember you for it. They will also turn into walking billboards!

Don’t despise your beginnings or even your middles. Don’t let someone else’s climax make you feel less than.. You don’t know what they have to do to get there. Their mountain top moment didn’t just happen. Trust. Things take time. Patience. Endurance. You got this!

Don’t look to the left or right at the ones beside you..look forward.. You know what.. And if someone falls down beside you.. Pick them up.. Lend a hand.. Forget competition. There is none. You have an ideal client out there for you.. We all do. The lady down the street has a different branding and approach.. She attracts an ideal client.. Who is not your ideal client.. She is not competition.. And even if her ideal was your ideal.. She is going to get the clients she is MEANT to have and so will you. Lives inner mingle for a reason. I believe that. We cross paths with people we were DESTINED to meet. Every client you have.. You are in their life for a purpose. What is that purpose? What is your why? Again.. Focus on that, love them.. Serve them. They are YOUR client for a reason and you have something to be thankful for.

In summary:

Stop looking. Focus on your why. Be thankful for your clients. Serve big. Love big. Don’t despise small beginnings.. and hold on to hope for the future is SURE to be good because GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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