Don't be so quick.

July 16, 2015 , Business


Don’t be so quick.


Don’t be so quick. Quick to judge. Quick to get angry. Quick to think you have it all figured it out. We waste so much time inside of our own heads that we miss opportunities.. we blindside ourselves in our own jealousy. That person you just wrote off could have been just what you needed. I often say the friendships that are the HARDEST to get started are usually the ones that are MOST beneficial for you. We see flaws and we run. “She talked about herself the whole time!” “She sat in the corner and didn’t talk to anyone!” “He seemed arrogant!” “She didn’t even say hi to me!”… It really is all quite pathetic what we let boil inside of us.

The truth is though that these people who sit and tear apart others….not pointing anyone out here… us… that is and me…  We are broken. We get trapped looking for relationships to GET and not looking to see what we can GIVE instead. We judge people because we were hoping they would have more to offer us.. we were hoping they would be just what we need. Instead we miss the fact that we might have something to give to them. We miss the chance to allow them to teach us how to love more, give more, and be more.

Today. When you walk into a room of new people, when you see someone who might have frustrated you in the past.. put a new perspective on. Get outside of your preconceived thoughts. Ask yourself “What do I have to offer them?” instead of wondering “What will they have for me?”. If you want relationships that last… If you want people who are real… Think of them first. Serve. Selflessness is hard in a culture that cultivates selfishness. Take a break from your thoughts and start thinking about what you can be for someone else. Don’t be disappointed when you see a flaw in someone.. instead think of it as a place for you to pour into them. Relationships are all about iron sharpening iron.. if we see a flaw..we can’t run. We have to love, serve, and pour into those places and think of them before ourselves.

“The secret way to heal a broken heart is to let love leak out like an ocean through all the cracks.” -Ann Voskamp

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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