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September 29, 2016 , Bride Tips



I beg of you. Don’t forget! So many couples plan a beautiful wedding, pick a ceremony time, their cocktail hour, and have everything all set and think it is perfect! We sit down to discuss the timeline three months before and almost always there is a SMALL but very important detail that MOST forget. We have educated our clients in our magazine guide but have realized that this is just not enough! We HAVE to blog about it and get this out there more!

SUNSET TIME! I know! Call me crazy! One of the most popular seasons to get married in now is September- November. With the trends of barns, fall, sunflowers.. more and more people are picking a fall wedding. We even are seeing more December and January weddings than we ever have! Here in Ohio this is crucial and what I found is it applies even over on the west coast, this applies to everyone. We have a wedding in Salt Lake City in November and the sun goes down at 5:03pm! Many people want a later ceremony start time that way they go into dinner with their reception. BUT most couples don’t realize that when they come out of their ceremony the sun is already down and they have no light for pictures.

Now the big way around battling when the sun goes down is to have a first look. We never push for first looks because we respect if couples want to hold the tradition of not seeing each other until after. We have always made it work if this is their wishes. We have however had couples that change their mind due to us revealing to them that their would be no sunlight for their pictures. Handling all the portraits before is a great way to beat the light but we understand if that is not something you are willing to consider.

Our best advice to you NOW is to try and figure this out EARLIER rather than later. We beg of you to not forget! All of those photos you pinned on Pinterest wont get you far when there is no light to work with. We would hate for you to have your invites done and then realize this small detail.



  1. TIME AND DATE- We highly recommend using Time and Date to check what time the sun goes down on your wedding day! This is so accurate and is something that most photographers use to work around the best light!
  2. GOLDEN HOUR- Keep in mind that photographers like to shoot portraits during the “golden hour” which can be one to two hours before sunset! Obviously all of your photos can not be taken during that time but it is SUPER awesome if bride and groom photos can be done then. We have a lot of couples who allow us to take them back out of their reception for 10-15 minutes during golden hour if they have a super early ceremony. Some photos you see online you may LOVE but the light you have to work with on your day really has a lot to play in how your photos turn out.
  3. A FIRST LOOK- Look into the pros and cons of seeing each other before or waiting. Talk it over and don’t just cross it off of your list. Some really wish couples would consider this more because it is such a sweet intimate moment.
  4. MAKE A TIMELINE- We provide a timeline for all of our clients a few months before their wedding but if you are trying to figure this out early than try to make a few different timelines around the sunset time. This will help you decide the best ceremony time, how long the cocktail hour will be and more. Photographers are great to work with on this so ask yours what their thoughts are. I promise they will love you for it!

We hope we saved a few of you from a frenzy! I encourage you if you know someone who is getting married September-February to share this information with them. You could really save them a lot of stress!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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