Educating your Clients | Business Tip Tuesday

June 7, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday


Educating your Clients | Business Tip Tuesday

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There is so much to be said about educating your clients. Maybe your not getting “ideal” clients. They don’t seem to want what you want. They show up in outfits that are not styled, their details on the wedding day aren’t what you hoped, they seem unorganized, etc. We see photographers rant and rave on social media about their clients in areas that we feel can easily be prevented with simply educating. Over the course of our business we have found more and more ways to educate and equip our clients for the smoothest wedding day possible. I also want to mention that your website is a great place as well but the following ideas are most important after the client books. Here are some of our favorite ways to prepare our clients:

  1. Wedding Guide-  Our wedding guide is stocked full of photos tips, an engagement style guide, organization tips, and so much more. We have found that this first impression we give is so important. The education we provide in that moment speaks so much to them. It lets them know that we know a thing or two about weddings. It starts building that credibility. They also become so thankful because usually it is education they have never been taught before.
  2. Client Lounge Site– We created a lounge that takes our wedding guide to a new level. It is a FULL website at a subdomain. We currently have it under construction but it is a great tool for them to refer to as they plan. It has advice far passed anything photography related. There are tips for all the different seasons, flowers, emergency kits, planning and more. This is a site just compiled of all the little things we have learned from being around the wedding industry and from our own wedding.
  3. Blog- We make sure to have a new blog every few weeks specifically for our brides to educate them in some area. Unplugged, first looks, engagements, lighting, etc. Your blog is a great way to talk to future clients and prepare them too.
  4. The Consult– We spend a good bit of our time at a consult getting to know the couple and finding the areas we feel they might need our expertise in. Usually we end up giving them ideas with decorations to go with their theme or something with the timeline. Our last consult was awesome because our clients had no idea their ceremony time was for when the sun was already down. By educating them on the sunset time and how a normal timeline would work the lightbulb went on in her head that this might not work. She immediately viewed us differently and we had built that trust and credibility with her because we were already able to help.
  5. Emails- We send out an email the week before their wedding with final reminders and tips. This has photo tips, vendor tips and more. We know many photographers who send out a weekly wedding tip and brides really look forward to those.
  6. Share- Sometimes there is a great article we will come across and we will post it to social media or share our favorite wedding resources. Sharing others resources in the industry is a great way to show your clients you care about them being educated and it doesn’t have to be from you. It lets them know you are about community AND about them.

So next time you get frustrated with a client, ask yourself if it is something you could have educated them on earlier and prevented. Chances are you can help your future clients by spreading some of that experience you have in some new lines of communication and education.

Sharing, serving and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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