Andrew and I are all about serving. The reason we do this business is because we love people and we love to serve Columbus Photographers and photographers from all around. We not only love to serve clients but we love to serve other creatives, students, and more. This page is all of the other avenues we believe we are called to serve in. Take a look around. If you do not see something you need help with then just shoot us an email or check our blog out!


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We will spend 4 hours with you starting at our house. We will send you a questionnaire and have you come prepared and us too so that we can focus on the things that are most important to you. We will tailor the day around your questionnaire. To give you an idea, we may talk marketing and social media, branding, business management, client experience and more! Andrew and I are an open book and this is a time for you to ask away! Lunch will be on us and then we will head out for a headshot session. It is great to have updated head shots but it will also be a technical time for you to learn and ask questions as we shoot. This day will be laid back and will give you some tools to move only forward in your business. If you are a team, or a husband and wife team, no worries the price is the same! To find out information and availability please email us at

So you don’t live local? No problem! We offer Skype calls. We will send you a questionnaire so we can get down to business and answer all the questions you have. Contact us for pricing and availability at or by filling our contact form on the bottom out!



We are passionate about lending a hand and sharing all we have learned with other photographers. We believe that a candle loses nothing at all by lighting another candle! We offer photography workshops a few times a year. Be sure to check back here for future dates and registration information or send us an email at If you are NOT a professional photographer and just looking to learn the basics of photography, the workshop below is for you!


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Are you a mom who wishes you knew how to work a DSLR better to capture those moments of your babe in the bath, playing with the dog, running in the yard? Maybe you aren’t a mom yet but you have a camera you would love to learn more on how to capture those real moments or cute animals at the zoo. This is for you! Teenage girls.. This is for you as well! Get a group of your girlfriends together and we can dive into all your basic photography questions!

Pick a night and let’s get a group of ladies together at your home for a 2-3 hour evening of information and hands on teaching. I will walk you through how to use your camera to the best of its ability and to capture those specific moments you desire to be captured in your life. There will be a set aside time to answer any specific questions you may have so I promise you won’t walk away with any unanswered questions! We like to call this a party more so than a workshop so have the ladies bring snacks and lets have a great time together! Don’t have enough friends interested? Shoot me an email at and I will add you to a list for the next group Captured Workshop that we will host at our house. As soon as we have 4 ladies we will pick a date.

Each lady will pay $75 if you host a party! If it is at our house the event is a little different and will be $85




cropped-cropped-studioeast-1We are also the proud owners of our new business venture, Studio East Main. If you are in need of a new logo, brand, blog, or website head over there and check out our latest work and services. We also offer marketing and business coaching there for all creative businesses.