Every year that passes brings balance | Travel

November 18, 2015 , Business

Every year that passes brings balance | Travel
I wrote this blog as we were driving out to visit our friends in Lancaster, PA. A seven hour drive is a sure way to get my brain going and there is no better feeling than to get them out. My thoughts on balance and such…
Feeling accomplished today as we get ready to head to Lancaster, PA for a much needed weekend of just plain fun! Whenever I know I want to rest, play and take my mind off of things I know that I need to tackle my to-do list as best as I can. It can be so hard to enjoy myself when I know there is a list waiting for me when I return. As I sit here and feel accomplished I can think of about a million others things I could have done today too. There is another silly little voice that starts telling me I have not done enough. But I know what’s important. I love the way Katelyn James put it .. Micro changes, Marco results!
As the new year approaches I can feel myself getting more and more excited. I just know this is it. This is going to be the year. Going to be the year that we “make it”? No! This year we have made so many micro changes and I know that the results are coming! That’s the thing about this business world. It can be so tiring but it is the most rewarding feeling to know I get back what I put into it.
Today I spent the day organizing.. I got a new planner that I love, a new accountant that is setting me free right now, and a new studio system! I worked on incorporating Trello more into my workflow, set up Gmail canned emails, and clearer out my hard drives! All little things that make a huge difference in my workflow.
Why do I say this? Why do I feel so good? Because running this business is awesome but what gets me most excited is that every year I find more systems to allow me to spend more time with my family and find a healthy balance! That is what it is about! That to-do list one day isn’t going to get to me anymore and it won’t take my mind off of good fun!
Every year, look at what you did right and didn’t do so well. Look at what could be better and what needs to go. Your business will grow. But more importantly you will grow. You will find balance amongst the experiences from year to year. Today I can step away from my business in ways I couldn’t the years before. So as your business grows and you adjust every year.. I pray you learn to step away, find balance, and allow yourself to step away and not look at your phone or email for a whole weekend.
With all that being said…  Here is a snapshot of our weekend with friends!
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