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January 15, 2016 , Business


Exciting Changes | Columbus Photographers


We have some exciting changes, and no we are not pregnant! Keep praying for us though in that area! 😀 We have been thinking though non-stop when it comes to building our business in Columbus. We have ourselves in a unique situation because we basically have to build a brand new business all over again except this time we have the experience and knowledge we have gained from the last 4 years. Over the next week we will be sharing more about our game plan for building our business in Columbus and sharing our tips along the way. Maybe you too are trying to build awareness and grow your business and you will relate to us! I have met so many people in the same situation as us which just encourages me to keep being transparent and I hope along the way it reaches someone.

One of the first things we realized we needed to change was some of our services going into the new year. Our business got to a point in PA where weddings were keeping us busy enough to rid all other types of portraits. We were thrilled to be able to specialize and focus primarily on our wedding and senior clients but we still took on some portraits here and there. Now that we look back at our beginning, we see that if it weren’t for all the portrait sessions we took, our business would have never grown. We met so many families and captured so many memories that we were blessed to be a part of.


Here in Ohio we just don’t think it would be the same with out building relationships like we did in PA. We are adding portraits back into our business for several reasons. Our main reasons though are to meet more people in our city, get out there and shoot more, and to help us along in the transition financially. Most of the portrait sessions will be shot by me, Chrissy. Andrew also started a new position during the day and will be shooting mainly on the weekends with me. We plan to take on 2-3 portrait sessions a month outside of our engagements, weddings and seniors.


Another change that we are stoked about is our mentoring sessions. We were mentoring pretty regularly in PA before we moved but with living in Ohio that has been put on hold. As most of you know we haven’t had a place of our own and starting in February we will again! This means we can open our home back up for private mentoring sessions and start planning our workshops again for the future. YAYYY! So we added that over on our photographers page and we already have a few people lined up!

So take a look around and check out all of the new pages and send us some prayers as we make changes in our business. We never make swift decisions and really believe in praying over every area of our business. We believe this is the time and we are super excited about what 2016 has for us!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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