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We are no Facebook experts but we have learned a few tricks and they have so made a difference! Our average reach is about 8-10k. Our likes are slowly climbing but we are getting fans that are KEEPERS not the ones who like your page and then unlike it a few days later! These tips can be used for ANY fan page on Facebook!


Always try to include some type of call to action. Ask questions, invite them to participate. Some of the silliest questions get the most responses. People love to feel special or needed! For example: Say I post a proposal story and say “Is this story not the most romantic thing you have ever seen? Well, maybe not huh? How did your sweetie propose to you? We want to hear YOUR story!” This allows for more comments and every comment sends your page to around 100-300 people more.


As I mentioned above about the comments, it is even more important for YOU to comment back! The more ORGANIC activity on your post the BETTER! It keeps your post active and showing up in news feeds. We always go in and individually reply to every comment. A good tip too is if they send you a paragraph to respond in a paragraph, and so if it is just a “YES! AWESOME!” then yours should be something like “YES! THANKS!” Ha! This is not necessarily for reach purposed but for making your fans feel important!


Give your post about 15 minutes of organic reach. After 15 minutes go in and tag anyone that applies. The more tags the better obviously. THEN 15-30 minutes later.. SHARE! Share it on your fan page, share it on your personal page, share it to whomever is tagged, to anyone! This allows time for organic reach rather than doing it all at once. So in the first 15 minutes that post has gone out to almost half of the people it would potentially reach, then you TAG and give that time to go out and now it will organically reach those tags. Lastly when you share that is that final push to reach more fans and it will be able to focus just in the SHARE rather than the tag, post, etc.


It is a great thing that Instagram and Facebook link! I know! BUT one thing that makes it not so appealing is that the followers are seeing the SAME stuff on both pages. If a follower on Instagram knows you post everything from Facebook then more than likely they are not going to go follow your Facebook page. They need to feel like they are missing out on something. We try to post different sneaks to all of our social networks. That way if they want to see MORE then they know they can hop on over to Insta and follow us there!


I have heard all different perspectives on this subject. Facebook keeps changing the way things are posted so it can be hard to stay on top of. Many people used to share photos in albums because then the post could go farther, rather than post one at a time and have to do the same amount of work to all of the posts. Here is what I have found for myself. Say I share 15 photos in an album. On a mobile device you will only see half of those. For some reason it does not show you ALL of the photos. I do not like that! Ha! So what I have done instead is post something 3-5 times a day and I schedule them to go out. So don’t think I sit on Facebook all day and post! haha! I do however have to login and do the tagging and sharing but I do not follow the time schedule as strictly. For me I have found sharing 1-3 images a few times a day gets WAY more feedback. They are more surprised by the images every time and it tells them to come back later!


This is another subject I hear lots of opinions on! When is the best time to post or share? WELL! Most people say somewhere between 6:30-8:30am! Which is true that is the highest traffic time on Facebook. Also Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days to share! Weekends, not worth it! Traffic is lower and not consistent. I still share things but nothing of extreme importance or that I want to have a large reach. If you look at your insights you can see the average age, gender, and more. For us most of our fans are woman the age of 19-27. So I like to think about what they are doing at different times of the day. SOME have jobs and check Facebook before they go to work, or while at work. So I generally post around 8am and it seems to work for me and my following. I do however try and post at times that I KNOW would reach other fans! I don’t want to just reach the same people all of the time. I want to reach as many people as I can. So I experiment and post at different times. The most beneficial times I have found for our page are 8:00am, 11:00am-1:00pm (lunch), 6:00pm, 10:00pm (night owls).


Lastly, boosting your post! I only boost posts if I have followed all of the above steps. If it has not reached enough people and it is something we know needs to go further then we will boost. This is usually only for contested, deals, etc. For the most part following these steps has worked so well that we have not needed to pay for a boost!

We hope this helps and even saves you some money! Feel free to message us if you have more questions!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy



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