Watch it Burn | Andrew

November 14, 2016 , Wedding


Watch it Burn | Andrew


It pushes its way to the front of your vision and denies to leave the room. It’s ruthless and unyielding. It circles the doubt inside your mind, creating a hurricane of negative thoughts and emotions. It feels like someone took the breath out of your lungs. It says it never wants to let go because it makes you think its all you have. It keeps you in the rocking chair of worry, giving you something to do, but getting you nowhere. It says, “I’m here to stay, whether you like it or not!” It says I have a right to be here because I want to be what you think about when you open your eyes in the morning and close them at night.

It thinks it has voice. It talks and never seems to shut its mouth. There are a million words it wants to speak to you in a split second. It clouds the senses and paralyzes the soul. It makes fun of the dream and decays the hope. It leaves a sense of despair and discouragement to all who stay in its presence. It wants to rob you of your joy and steal your desire.

Its fists are clenched and has you cornered. “What are you gonna do?” it ferociously asks as it puffs its chest and deceives you of its power. It looks for a reason to tell you that you’ll never make it. You’ll never move forward. You’ll never be the person that you want to be in life.

It tells you that you have to bow to its authority. It says you have no identity and seeks to put the chains around your hands and feet. It tells you your worthless and insignificant. It wants to keep off the light hope and whisper condemnation into your ear for the rest of your days.

In these moments of your life, I will go on record to say that…


Fear only has a hold on your life if you let it. It only has as much room in your life as you give it. We’re only chained unless we say enough is enough and we choose to live free from its grip. We want more for our lives. We want more for our dreams. Eliminating fear is getting up and walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a choice that you and I have to make; a choice to choose joy and peace no matter what we face in front of us.

It will speak, but it’s up to us if we accept and believe it as truth. It will roar and it will whisper, but its confidence is built on shifting sand. There is no truth to that voice! Make fear surrender to the hope in your life. It can no longer rob you and your family. It can no longer take your dreams hostage because YOU were destined for purpose. It can no longer chuckle in arrogance, but quiver in humiliation because it’s nothing short of hollow.

Fear will have no place. Fear will have no purpose. Fear will have no power.

Throw its empty promises and faux philosophies into a big, heaping pile. Every lie it told you believe, every doubt it loosed in your life. Douse it with the gasoline of purpose and destiny. Light the match of faith and hope and watch it burn.


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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