Finding Balance {Workaholics Anonymous}

March 9, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Finding Balance {Workaholics Anonymous}


If I am being REALLY honest this is probably my biggest weakness. I could just WORK WORK WORK. I love my job. I love the business side of things just as much as the creative. I love to sit down and file, work in quickbooks, and play with numbers. I find that when I think I am “DONE” working for the day.. I remember something and have to run up to the computer. Then I sit down for 10 more minutes than I thought. When i am out with my family my phone will buzz and then I am stuck on it for another 10 minutes. My business is constantly sucking my family time out of me. is not the businesses is mine!  I want to be transparent that I am working on these things and this is what I am learning in the process.


If you are going to do something.. be FULLY in it. If you are going to be with your family.. BE FULLY PRESENT. Turn the phone off. Do not work and have your child in the room. I have TRIED that. All it does is make a frustrated child and it speaks to them that work is more important right now. I know some of you may not have childcare or it is just not an option. In our home family is first and we want our day to reflect that. When we could not afford childcare I would sit down with Andrew and find any area of 30+ minutes in the day that he could help, or if she was sleeping or napping. We just tried to make it work. I have learned to ONLY WORK when I am working and ONLY PLAY when it is time for me to be with Emlyn. And of nights are not the time to try and get a few emails in on the phone.


I think part of the reason I was so overwhelmed by my phone and the things I was forgetting to do was because my workflow just wasn’t working anymore. You constantly have to reevaluate how you do things. Just because something worked last year doesn’t mean it will work this year. We moved everything over to SHOOTQ this year. It has made my life so much easier but it is expensive. It was HARD to swallow the monthly fee and the merchant fees but I find it WORTH GETTING my life back and relieving the stress. Because we took that leap of faith to use ShootQ I have had so much more intentional time with my family and it has freed me to design more and do more things I LOVE. It handles all of the financials and emails and it TELLS ME what I need to do next. It is kind of like my boss now! haha!


Are you feeling guilty about not being present? Do you know you need to make a change? Maybe childcare is a stretch for you and you think NO WAY! Well guess what! It is for us too. Andrew and I decided to send Emlyn to a local in-home day care one day a week. We spend $90 a month. That is it. That ONE eight hour day is enough for me to WORK HARD and get my list of to d0’s done. $90 was a financial stress for us but we have found that it is all working out. We had income come in unexpected and every week God takes care of us. I believe honoring your home and putting it first is MOST important and God honors that. Take the jump to put your family first and watch God provide.  Maybe you don’t have kids but your husband or family is complaining that you work too much. Invest in ShootQ, get a cleaning lady, outsource your editing, outsource whatever it is that will free you up the most!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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