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May 29, 2017 , Business


Our wedding season looks A LOT different this year with having the baby but we have been BUSY over here. Though our hearts LOVE weddings and a part of me wishes we had about 10 more.. I totally see where God is filling in the gaps for us. Something I am learning is that things always work out they just sometimes happen WAY different than we planned or expected. Andrew and I knew we were going to turn some weddings away but we didn’t realized we would end up with as little as we did. It was a HUGE fear of mine with being pregnant that we would have TOO many. How would I be away from the baby that much? How would we know what to turn down?  We did turn down weddings that came in anywhere NEAR our due date. This year our weddings are so perfectly spread out that I am never leaving the baby and Em more than ONE weekend a month and we only have ONE double header! That makes this momma heart happy but also created some anxiety for us financially. Here we are and the baby is two months old and I can’t believe all that we have captured for people since she was born. It really has been amazing to see God provide for our family through other avenues since we have been mainly wedding photographers for several years now. Here is just a glimpse of the last few weeks…



Two newborn lifestyle sessions, three seniors, and two weddings in the last TWO weeks all while Andrew works a full time job and I balance this new life of two kids! Not to mention our real estate business is keeping us busy too! What I am trying to convey here is that NOT shooting 20 weddings is HARD for us, we miss it and it provides for our family. But having more time at home during this new season and watching God provide in other ways has been amazing to see. So maybe something isn’t working out for you or a door seems to be shutting on you? Don’t worry about that! It doesn’t mean NO it just means there might be something else for now. We sometimes think we have it all planned but and I think God likes to remind us that He is the one who provides. I could be stubborn and say ONLY weddings and be away from my family more but instead we have balanced ourselves where we feel necessary and God has done that for us with out us really trying. We may not be making millions or published on wedding blogs but we are serving people and taking care of our family.  Put what matters FIRST and keep it there and watch everything else fall into place. This is just a season for us but I am just so thankful that He takes care of us in whatever season we are in.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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