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April 5, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday



I have lost some consistency in my blogging over the last few weeks and that is OK. Why? Well because the business tip I want to share with you today is all about keeping those first things FIRST. I know that our personal success of our business has come from a lot of our discipline and hard work. Blogging, building our SEO, keeping up with social media.. it is all SO important. The truth though. Those things are only important AFTER your family and you are taken care of. The last couple weeks I have had to battle the entrepreneur inside of me and lay my to-do list down to tend to myself.. my heart. I have had to tend to my husband and my daughter. When pressing needs happen outside of business we just simply have to stop. It is not worth sacrificing. I skipped a blog last week and I didn’t feel a hint of worry or guilt over it. So here is my advice for some healthy boundaries when life starts throwing things at you.

1. IT is OK

When life throws you curves, hardships, loss, and pain.. It is ok to take some time and stop. Your business is not going to shut down. Delegate if you need to but create those moments to breathe and stop. Actually it will be BETTER for you and YOUR business if you do. Your business is made up of YOU and you need to be the healthiest you for all areas of your life.


Find someone to talk to. Not just a business partner but someone to talk to about everything that you know you can trust. If you are married, find someone you can walk through your marriage struggles with. If you are divorced, find someone to talk to. If you lost a baby, find someone to talk to. What you get OUT of your heart no longer has the power to create fear, worry, and anxiety. The last couple weeks have been full of talking over here and our hearts are in such a good place because we are spitting out every feeling and emotion we have in a safe and trusted place.

3. Keep a List

When you are stepping away from work to take care of your sick child, or handle a situation and you notice your mind just won’t shut off about your business.. Keep a list. Write everything down as it comes to mind. Just take that second so you can calm the anxiety and know you can get to it later. This helps me so much. When I find the time and strength to sit down to work I know exactly what to do and it helps me be more effective.

4. Don’t compare

We say this all the time about comparison but it can get even harder when you need to focus on other areas of your life more. You see what everyone else is doing and it reminds you of everything you are NOT doing. The truth is we all have seasons of GIVE and TAKE and you have no idea what someone else has walked through or WILL walk through. Give yourself a break and realize that the comparison you try to make really isn’t valid. No one knows all you are juggling and I am willing to bet you are doing a pretty dang good job at being you and handling your life. Remember you are not a super hero and you are human. We all have things in our life where we simply have to say.. “this is all I can give right now” and that is OK.


Trust that everything works for your good and by taking care of yourself and those personal needs that everything will be better! Don’t worry about failing, losing, or missing out on something. The best thing you can do for yourself is trust that FIRST things need to be first and everything else will fall into place.


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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