Four Focuses For Right NOW | Business

March 8, 2017 , Business


Four Focuses For Right NOW | Business

So I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit my brain has almost 100% been on having this baby. We are just one month out from her due date. I have lacked in emailing and anything that is not client experience related. Now that the nursery is done, clothes are washed, bags are packed, and there is not much to do.. I have noticed a shift this week. My brain has finally shifted to preparing the business side of things so that nothing skips a beat while we tend to our newest addition. Though this year is going to look a little more modest for us when it comes to traveling and how many weddings we take, we still have some goals and vision that we are looking forward to. I want to have a clear plan for this year because we all know with a baby we can easily get distracted. When I have two sleeping children or some child free time I want to make the MOST of my time to grow our business and make sure our clients are being taken care of. Here are things we are going to be focusing on this year while balancing family life and I thought you might take some of our thoughts for yourself.

  1. THE FUTURE- We are only in March of this year but my head has been on where we will be in 2018 since the end of last year. What goes on in your business RIGHT now is a direct effect of your success for the following year. This year we have smaller bookings and some time off when the baby comes but we still have a fully running wedding photography business this summer. Sometimes it can be so hard to look to the NEXT year when you are in the hustle of THIS year. My goal is to keep the following year always at the front of my mind and not get comfortable during busy season with just doing the maintaining side of things.
  2. DELEGATE- We have had an immense amount of help the last few months spring up. From interns to family and friends, people want to get involved with helping our business and want to learn from us. We don’t take this lightly. We can’t help but think it all happened at the right time. We are going to mindful through out our busy season to take tasks that can be delegated and give them to someone else instead of just adding it to our plate because we CAN. If you are feeling overwhelmed find someone who has less experience as you or is just starting out that may want to intern with you or help. This makes a huge difference!
  3. CLIENT WORKFLOW- During this time of year I always go through our client workflow and make sure everything is set to go. Sometimes I want to change when certain emails go out, or how something is worded, the gifts we give. I like to fine tune it before the busy season to make sure there are no hiccups along the way. Fine-tuning this never gets old and should be evaluated frequently.
  4. BLOG- For us we feel like our blog is a HUGE part of our experience and a way for us to keep showing that our business is PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL. We want to be able to connect with our clients and potential clients in as many ways as possible. Our blog over the years has been one of our biggest tools in accomplishing this. It is so amazing to hear our clients say “I saw on the blog..” or know something about us from the blog! This is one area of our business that our goal is to try and stay on top of through out this year. If you feel overwhelmed with keeping up with all the social media and all the marketing avenues.. start here! Simplify yourself and set your mind free. Your blog is a great place to invest your time for SEO and for your clients.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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