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August 11, 2016 , Business


FULLY Full-Time | Business


We have some exciting YET nerve wrecking news! We are BOTH FULL-TIME TIME! Yup! This week was the first week Andrew laid down his insurance job and his full focus was our home and business! His first day, Monday, he helped by doing the best thing ever! One of the big guilt buttons I have as a business owner is my role as a mom as well. I hate pushing Em to the side to get work done. I have gotten to the point where I almost always put her first which then makes me very behind on work. Andrew took Emlyn to the movies Monday morning and to play at a indoor play place and they both had a blast! It was soo good for both of them to just go have a good time after all the change we have been through these last few weeks. It was also good for me! So this “full time” life for him looked pretty different on day one but it helped me A TON to get caught up on some of the daunting tasks I was so far behind on.

So what is our plan? We are still really figuring that out. I actually spoke with a fellow photographer in the industry a few months back about what this pursuit to taking Andrew full time would look like and any advice on how to work together daily. She reminded me that most spouses take 4-5 years of working together before they really nail their workflow. That is a long time but it gives me peace to know that we don’t have to do things perfect we just have to be open to changing things along the way! Right now we have a vague idea of what Andrew is going to be doing and what I definitely need help with. Over time I am sure his responsibilities will evolve.

  1. Accounting and bookkeeping- We have an amazing accountant but we have a lot of things that still need kept up with and organized on quickbooks. This is not my strong suit! We also have monthly taxes and other monthly accounting needs that he will now take care of. Not to mention, BILLS! Woo, Andrew has always ran all of our personal bills so it just makes sense for him to handle the financial side of things as well.
  2. Marketing- We get a TON of phone calls regarding marketing and networking opportunities. We also are listed on WeddingWire, have done a few wedding shows, and have been a part of other communities. Andrew will now kind of take on the role of deciding if it is something we should invest in and we will talk it over but he can take on more of the communication.
  3. Inventory- Eventually Andrew will be the one to look over all of our office and client gift inventory and see what we are low on. Most of the time I run out last minute and have to make last minute trips. Andrew is an excel spread sheet, organized type of a guy so I am sure after some time he will have all of my lack of organization into place!
  4. Networking- We plan to do a lot more networking in the community and meeting with people. It was always so hard to find a time where we both were free.

For now we are focusing on transitioning the basics that don’t really fit in with the creative things I do. This will free up some time for me to just do what I need to do. Eventually Andrew is interested in learning more with design and editing and such but we will see what sticks along the way. The biggest HELP right now is that one of us can focus on Emlyn while the other works. I was to the point where I felt I needed to put her in daycare or hire a nanny to get anything done but it wouldn’t help my feeling of drowning in the other areas. This answer was exactly what I needed and what the business needed.

We will give you updates along the way of how things are changing for us and how working together full time feels. Right now we are excited and just trying to figure it all out through all of the changes!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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