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February 5, 2016 , Personal


Furman House | Personal

I am kind of embarrassed to show this post so early because it shows how slightly insane I am. My sister walked into my house the day we were moving in and said “YOU SCARE ME!”. For real though, I am extreme. I laid in bed all night planning exactly how our house would look and what would go where. One of the things I have realized over the years is I have a real knack for knowing exactly how something is going to look like with out seeing it. So I do all of the hanging and decorating in my head before we ever move into a house and then it is so easy when I actually get there to do it all.

So with lots of help from my girl Lizzy and many others.. We had the whole house done and put together in 2-3 days. My parents came over last night and couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought we hadn’t even lived in the house a week yet and it looked like we had been here forever. I think with a mix of my insanity, gift of vision, and my pure relief of having a home of our own again.. this was the outcome! I am so excited to share with you our new home and walk you through it. I’ll show you the outside another day when we can get outside and do some serious landscaping lol!

Our house is almost ALL living room and kitchen which is great for entertaining. Here is the first floor and to be clear.. no we did not paint! It actually came this way and we probably would have never picked these colors but it works! I am loving the split room forgiving and office for practical reasons like having a three year old and being able to keep an eye on her. It works great! 2016-02-04_0017

Chevron lamp- Target $15

Floor lamp- Ikea $80

Bookshelves and wooden basket- Ikea $89 and baskets $13

Curtains- Old Time Pottery for $9.99 for two panels

Pillows are from Burlington Coat Factory for all less than $13 most were more like $5 and the brown polka dot one is Ikea.2016-02-04_0018

Picture frame- Burlington $5.992016-02-04_0019 2016-02-04_0020 2016-02-04_0021

Letters- Burlington $10 a piece 2016-02-04_0022

Lamp- Ikea $202016-02-04_0023All my plants are ikea mostly!  2016-02-04_0024

This little cubby to take your shoes off is one of my favorite little corners in the house!

Baskets in cubby- Marshalls $7.992016-02-04_0025Fake flowers- Joann’s 2016-02-04_0026Ellyn’s room is my proudest gem! I spent a total of $130 to make it happen. I hit Target on the best day ever! Her comforter, rug, canopy, and sheets, and lamp all came from Target. Her sticker 3d butterflies were $3.99 on Amazon. And her book ledge and desk was from Ikea and everything else was hand me down or things we already had. 2016-02-04_0027 2016-02-04_0028 2016-02-04_0029 2016-02-04_0030 2016-02-04_0031

This is a quick shot of the guest room, it still needs some decor but the bed and towels are pretty! haha! 2016-02-04_0032

This is the bathroom in the hallway, also known as Emmy’s room! 2016-02-04_0033

Our bedroom is ALL bed but we are ok with that! The blue pillow was from Amazon for $5 and the gray ones are from Ikea for $3. The sheets I got at Old Time Pottery for $11.99 and the bed spread we already had from Target. 2016-02-04_0034

Curtains- Ikea $12 for two panels

Lamps- MY FAVE from Marshalls $24 a piece

Chair- Thrift shop and I flipped it last year with chalk paint and fabric paint.

2016-02-04_0035These little Ikea laundry baskets are my fave and they are $5. I love that I can carry 3 of them at a time because they fold to help you carry! Amazing, not mention they are white and I love white!  2016-02-04_0036Master bath!

Hand towels- Target $5

Soap holder- Old Time Pottery $72016-02-04_0037

I realized I forgot the half bath downstairs but you get the gist! lol! We are stoked to be in our new home and can’t wait for more people to enjoy it to! OHHH speaking of.. we have some photography friends coming over today! We waste no time using our house for company! P.S.



The real reason I did this blog post was because I was home alone and just brought home the d750 and HAD to shoot something right away.. so why not walk you through the new house?? LOL!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy



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