Gestures VS. Posing {Business Tip Tuesday}

May 5, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Gestures VS. Posing {Business Tip Tuesday}

The first time I heard the idea of GESTURES instead of posing I was blown away. My least favorite part about photography for the longest time was the actual posing. I would always rack my head where to put their arms and how to position their feet.. which way they should lean.. etc. I would feel creatively STUCK every session. How can I make this one different from the last? I noticed because all of my pictures were static poses they looked almost exactly the same. WELL, February 2014 at the UNITED conference I heard this concept from Mary from Justin and Mary. It was everything I needed to be able to let go of feeling defeated when it came to posing. Since then we have really learned to make this concept our own and try to take it even further.

2015-01-27_0027.jpg1. MOVEMENT

Adding movement into your your gestures makes a world of a difference. One of my favorite things Mary did was ask us what our favorite pose was, and then we added a movement to that pose. So for example if you like the guy with his arms wrapped around her shoulders, take it a step further and add a sway to it. This is huge for so many reasons but the biggest reason I am an advocate for movement is because it relaxes the client. When you are constantly telling them where to position their arms, move their feet, chin up, look left, not there, over here.. and so on.. They do not feel confident. Then when they lock that pose they are stuck and we as photographers say “HOLD IT HOLD IT!” And then what is going through their mind while we are shooting the heck out of that? “WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE OVER?” This is not what I want my clients to think or feel. By adding movement it gets their mind off of things and makes them relax more. At first they might think it is totally strange but you can ask almost everyone of of my clients and they will all say it made it so much easier. This principle applies with almost any type of session. We ideally use this with couples but we incorporate it into our seniors as well with a lot of walking, spinning, jumping, dancing, swaying, etc.

2015-04-21_0050.jpg2015-04-21_0032.jpg2. TALK

This works like a charm! This creates connection and also gets their mind off of the fact that their is a camera or two in their face. With our seniors we will ask questions like “What is your most embarrassing childhood memory?” and for couples we will have the man tell his soon to be wife one reason why he can’t wait for her to be his wife or about the day he realized he was going to ask her to marry him. We ask specific questions that evoke real emotion. Almost every single one of my favorite pictures we have ever taken have been a result of a moment we created by having them talk to each other or to us.2015-04-08_0005.jpg2015-01-07_0053.jpg3. CONFIRM

Lastly, this is foreign to some. We are so used to posing like crazy that we do not snap a shot until it is exactly what we want. Every step you give and don’t SNAP the client becomes more and more aware that they are not getting it just yet. Their confidence starts to go down and it shows in the camera. By keeping your camera at your face and giving them affirmation with words like “GOOD!” “GREAT!” “PERFECT!” “BEAUTIFUL!” and snapping all the in betweens you are confirming them and building their confidence. With most of us being digital photographers we do not have to worry about wasting images. Sure when we get home we may have to sort through more images but the result of a more relaxed client, a confident client, and a REAL image is just worth it.

2015-01-07_0010.jpgSharing, serving and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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