Get Organized (Business Tip Tuesday)

March 24, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Get Organized on the Wedding Day (Business Tip Tuesday)


One of the easiest ways to set yourself a part is to GET ORGANIZED. I am talking about more than your desk and your files. I am talking about your whole client experience. We wanted to share with you how we keep ourselves organized with our wedding clients!

1. Questionnaires

This is so important. What is so important though is that you ask all of the right questions! Having all of the details about their day AHEAD of time is the best way to prepare yourself. We ask about special elements such as divorce, honoring a family member who passed, or any other special elements to the day. We ask for the number of bridal party members as well as their names. Our questionnaire has around 50 questions and we LOVE every bit of it. The more we know BEFORE the better. It is so impressive to your clients when you remember the details about their day.

2. Timelines

We meet with EVERY couple two months before their wedding and plan out their timeline. We provide a PDF file for them to send to everyone in the wedding and family. This is a good time to look over the coverage package and to know ahead of time if we think we have enough time. It is all puts everything into perspective for the bride and groom. We usually print these off for the wedding day and provide them to the Best Man and Maid of Honor or hang them up in some way. We gently remind that we have a timeline but we put it in their court to keep things on track. Because we do these timelines now we almost ALWAYS are AHEAD of schedule. Before our couples would be paranoid the whole time that they were late because they had no idea of the schedule. This is monumental in their trust for the day!

3. Family Shots

Andrew and I show up with our white binder that has the couples contract, timeline, questionnaire, and family shot lost. We pull oout a list that we asked our couples for at the timeline meeting. We recumbent them staying between 7-10 family combinations and we have them right down the combos with first names and relationship so Andrew can call out the names and also put people on deck. Because we are so organized with this our family portraits can be done in as little as 15 minutes!

4. Cameras and Memory Cards

Label your memory cards starting with the number one and use them in the correct order. Make sure if you have a second or a third that their time stamps are the same as yours. This allows an easy workflow in Lightroom. You can also sort with in PASS by time. Amazing!

5. Location

Have an idea where you are going to shoot at for every part of the day. We make a plan on where and when during our timeline. We are flexible if whether or light is an issue but we try to scout and have an idea beforehand. We used to waste so much time walking around trying to find the perfect spot. Now we know right where we are going and it works out great.

We use SHOOT Q that reminds us lots of things. We send out our date night boxes two months before and it notifies us. It communicates if our clients fill out their questionnaire, make a payment, etc. It pretty much keeps us organized when it comes to anything legal or paperwork wise!

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Andrew + Chrissy


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