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July 12, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday



It is so easy to sit behind the computer and focus on tackling that to-do list. Any 9-5 job you would normally take a break, interact with employees, meet someone for lunch, talk to people on the phone, or do some type of interaction with others. This “job” it can be really easy to talk to almost no one except through typing on social media. There is something so important though about getting out of your seat and meeting face to face with others.

Maybe you are naturally introverted and don’t feel comfortable meeting new people or you just simply feel you have too much to do. Whatever it is let me try to convince you that getting out is exactly what you need!

Here are some of our tips for getting out there and getting social:

  1. Reach Out- I am sure there are some people you have met onFacebook or Instagram locally that you have NEVER seen face to face. Reach out to those people first who aren’t complete strangers. Set up a lunch or coffee meeting. When you get together talk less about you and be intentional about asking them questions to get them talking.
  2. Join local groups- We will be the first to tell you that we can get pretty annoyed with photography and creative groups. Lets just be real. You always have trolls and you always have new creatives that post things that cause the trolls to speak. Don’t be discouraged. Not EVERYONE is like that and I think it is something that tries to distract us from the good that comes from them.
  3. Friend IN and OUT- We love meeting with local photographers and find it super beneficial but we also LOVE to meet with people OUTSIDE of our direct industry. Some of our greatest relationships have come from networking events with people who don’t relate at all to what we actually do but we still understand each other so much. It can be refreshing to surround yourself both with people IN your industry and OUT. Don’t seclude yourself to only people who do what you do. There is so much more out there for you by building community everywhere.
  4. Be Social Online- Though this isn’t necessarily getting out from behind the desk, for some it may be getting out of your comfort zone. Set a goal every day to encourage others on instagram or Facebook. We love searching hashtags and just saying “Keep doing what you are doing, you are awesome!” or “Wow! What a great photo.” What you say online a lot of times is peoples first impression of you. Be intentional to even comment on local pages and encourage them. You will feel good about making someone else’s day brighter too!

We love community and we love the power of collaboration! We have built an amazing relationship with Amber over at Legacy Candle Co. and have been helping them with their web and design needs. Head to their website and new look book we designed and give them some love. It is a great cause, light a Legacy candle and bring light to the darkness! Here is a great opportunity for you to reach out and make difference.

Look Book

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