Getting Rid of Weeds and All of the Ugly | Business Tip Tuesday and Recap

May 3, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday

 Getting Rid of Weeds and All of the Ugly| Business Tip Tuesday and Recap

This past month something changed. My drive shifted. My focus went out the window. Our personal life needs came crashing in and I very quickly had to say no to everything else. For some reason I have struggled to get back into the swing of things. I want to be real because sometimes it can look like someone is just straight kicking butt and blowing sunshine and sometimes that is just not it at all. Actually these images I am about to show you of us cleaning out our yard is exactly what I feel like we did in our personal life. It brought so much healing to just be able to rip some ugly things out and make it all look new. Isn’t that some truth right there that we all need? Sometimes life gets so full of weeds and ugly things and it can be tiring and even painful to pull out the ugly. Just like my pretty new landscaped bed I don’t have to work on anymore, I feel like my heart has been through some changes this last month and I can now move forward.

This week has been the first week I have gotten back on the hardcore work train and I would be lying if I didn’t say I feel completely overwhelmed. In the chaos of the never ending list I can’t help but find peace in knowing that my heart is in a better place than a month ago and it is worth it if my business isn’t. Did you catch that? Do we sacrifice the landscaping of our own hearts for our business? Do we let weeds grow and the ugly settle in because we are too busy keeping up with social media, blogs, networking events, and simply taking care of our clients? This last most really helped me put into perspective that if I don’t stop in my business and take the time to sort through my own heart that I MAY have a growing business, but actually be killing myself at the same time. So I got a little behind and for once in my life I am a true procrastinator and do you know something? It feels so freeing. It feels good to know that I can look at that landscaped flower bed and remind myself what my life has gained personally this last month.

My challenge to you is to evaluate where some weeds might be growing and where you may even be letting some ugly come in. Are you taking care of yourself? Your family? Are you and others suffering? It is ok to stop and tend to the weeds and all the ugly. Make it look new again and come back to being a killer boss. Your business will even thank you for it. After all, your business is a reflection of YOU and your heart. You owe it to yourself to STOP and you owe it to your business and all those who have their eye on you.

Here is to heading out into the places of your life and pulling the weeds out!

Enjoy some of our life this last week through iPhone photos! 😀


Here was the jist:

Lots and lots of landscaping and still more to do!

Cleaning and decorating the house, loved our pretty centerpiece of the wedding show last week!

Daddy snuggling our girl after being gone!

Our bride from this past Saturday had awesome blue shoes!

We were DEAD after the wedding and totally looked like goons!

and today… REAL life picture of what it looks like for me to try and do work. Finn jumping on my lap, Emlyn sitting with me, daddy vacuuming and of course ME.. no shower, hoody and CRAZY hair! lol


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy



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