November 21, 2019 , Wedding


Do you have an idea that you are holding back from doing? Blog? Business? Andrew and I are SURROUNDED by talented, creative, and just plain skilled people. The overall theme in talking to these people though is usually they are held back by multiple mindsets. One being they don’t “start” because they don’t think they don’t know how to do it OR they are afraid. I want to give some practical advice to those of you who are pondering around some ideas and have vision for something MORE than now.

  1. It is not about you. – The biggest lie I believe people believe is “why would I do something that plenty of people are already doing?” The truth is that is a super selfish way to think. Crazy for me to say right? Well, because you doing what you love and are made for really effects not just you. It not only effects the people in your family but it also effects the people on the other end of your obedience to it. If you knew what you wanted to do could change ONE persons life would you do it? I think how different our kids lives or our couples wedding days would have looked like if we would have listened to the “there are plenty photographers” out there lie or the couples we have impacted. YOU have something no one else has and you need to fight for that. It is not just about you. It is so much bigger than that. Doing what you love and were made to do is amazing because it is a WIN WIN for everyone.
  2. Making decisions- If you are throwing around an idea but can’t make a decision I want to challenge you practically. Is it a fearful answer or a hopeful one? When you say.. Should I start I blog??.. and then say “no because who would even read it?” If your answer sounds more fearful and not factual or hopeful.. I wouldn’t answer it with that. Dreams do not happen by listening to your fears. Dreams happen because you choose hope. When you are asking yourself questions grab your thoughts captive and make sure you ask them what they are. Are you fear or hope?
  3. Find someone- Getting underneath of someone who you can learn from is the best thing for you. You can see someone who made your dream their reality. They have lived it and done it. They can save you from their own mistakes and help encourage you. I just signed up to use a new platform for our business so naturally I followed someone who is killing it and very similar to what I hope to use it for. I want to learn and see what she does. I want to be inspired by her and get a feel for excellence. I know comparison can be a trap but when you are clueless to an area or industry you need some excellence modeled for you.
  4. Educate– When you jump in feet first make sure you are grabbing some resources. Listen to Podcasts, read books, your bible, purchase courses and webinars. Do whatever you can to learn and keep yourself educated and most of all encouraged and inspired. There are tons of FREE resources but also investing is never a bad idea.
  5. Make some time- When something is a side project or side dream it usually doesn’t happen because you haven’t allowed time to work on it. Start small but set an alarm and allot even 15 minutes a day to work on it. You will feel better and like you are moving forward if you take the time to be consistent with it!

I hope you know we are rooting for you and our heart is for your gifts and talents to not lie dormant. We know that we know there are gifts inside of us all that are meant to bless others. You were made for it! Go and do it!

Sharing, serving and celebrating,

Andrew and Chrissy

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