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November 2, 2015 , Personal


Going Somewhere | Personal | Columbus Wedding Photographer

Man, time is flying by. Life feels completely chaotic and out of order most of the time. We prepared ourselves as best as we could for this season but there was no way to fully understand what we were going to walk into. We moved almost four months ago and it feels like it was just two weeks ago. We have shot 9 weddings, 12 seniors, 4 families, had several consults, timeline meetings, events and so much more in just a few short months. We have traveled 8,000 miles in four months. We have gained a few pounds and the circles under our eyes might be a little darker too. The chaos of this transition has a purpose and I can’t help but sit back and think that we haven’t found out what that is just yet.

There is a lot of “tension” around here right now. Not angry tension, but a “hold on to your seat” tension because we have no idea what will come next. We feel like we are right on the edge of something but can’t quite get over that edge. Everything feels nearly impossible to accomplish. Have you ever had that happen? When something should be so easy but instead it is the most strenuous task EVER? The future has hidden itself from us and we are living our lives in total faith. There are days where I will be the pessimist and days that Andrew is instead. I always love that about marriage. One of us is always strong for the other. There are days we can’t wrap our heads around what is going on and ask why we keep coming up to battle after battle. Somewhere in the midst of all the questions we both know deep down that we have a trust that is hard to explain.

In the chaos and the tension I feel myself learning and growing. This is a hard growing process if I do say so myself. I have been through many different seasons of growing and learning but this is like bootcamp style learning! lol. Despite the difficulty, I hear Him speaking to my heart. I have never been in a more desperate season of my life when it comes to the practical. Not having a house or place of our own, struggling with medical debt, rebuilding our business in a new city, finding Andrew a technically third job, getting Emlyn settled with her new life… It is all crazy. But Jesus quietly whispers to me words of hope. I remember all of the times before this that Jesus has swooped in and rescued us from whatever situation we were in. I remind myself that He is not a father who leaves. He would never take us this far and leave us. We only feel this way because things are happening… God is taking us somewhere.

12141524_10153301405423918_7322836420773562580_n One side note… Do you remember that blog post I put up when we announced we were moving? It said “When YOU step out into the UNKNOWN you make MY name KNOWN.” I still cling to that because I feel that there is no way for us to get any of the glory. This is all about Him.

So maybe you feel the same. Maybe you feel like nothing is clicking together. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and like you are just treading water to keep your head above. Maybe you also feel on edge. Let me stand with you and hold your hand. I promise you that He is taking us somewhere. Jesus is always in the business of redemption and He will never allow something to take you out. Just like he rose, we too will rise up out of our circumstances and He will take us where we need to go. Don’t let the tension fool you. It’s not bad tension. He is taking us somewhere. Don’t be afraid to keep walking forward.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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