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I’m unsure of where to begin. As you know, this is MY first post on the blog. I have to admit that it was like pulling teeth to get me to do this (just ask my wife). I can remember when she asked me if this would be something I’d be interested in doing and my immediate response was, “NO!” That’s usually how I respond to change. I’m a difficult one, haha. However, with the announcement made on the blog last week about me joining the business adventure full-time, we both agreed this would be the perfect time for me to write here and there (that is still up for debate according to my wife). It is my goal that throughout this journey called life to remain as honest and sincere as possible and hope that it reaches the right person at the right time in their journey of life. We’ve alway known this business exists for more than just ourselves and a transaction. This business is about connecting with people and understanding who they are as we journey with them up to their big day.

So, going full-time with the business has been a thought of ours for a couple months. A little over a year ago we relocated to Columbus, OH and immediately began to dream. We began to dream BIG. We knew that we wanted to take the business in a direction of growth, unlimited possibility, and success. I never really thought about the possibility of joining full-time because of a few things; I’ll just be honest here:

“My wife is doing a great job. She can handle it.”

Now, please understand me. I am joining full-time because we sense at this point, it makes complete and perfect sense. There’s no belief that my wife is doing a bad job. That thought was just an easy out for me.

“I’m doing my own thing.”

As a guy, it’s easy to kinda do your own thing as far as providing for your own family. I had a job, I was making money and really felt comfortable with it. To me, I was looking for some sort of validation through building my own “empire” that I could never really see the full potential of working our business with full force.
“What will people think?”

I think that’s a question a lot of us think just before we make a big decision like this one. I know for me, that’s a question that I know has hindered some areas of growth in my life. Thank God I’m starting to understand that confidence is key when it comes to making any major life change.
“We may fall financially short”

This was a BIG one. As a man, I desire to provide for my girls. I believe it’s a great desire, but it can become an obsession that makes for stress and frustration in a family and marriage.. I’m continuing to grow and understand that my faith leads me to believe that where God guides, He provides.

In the midst of all those thoughts swirling in my head, this decision to grab the bull by the horns is essentially the best possible decision at this point in our lives. Yes, there are questions, there are things that I still think and ponder about where we’ll be in six months, a year, five years, etc. In the midst of it all, I know that future awaits where we will be stronger in our marriage. Stronger as parents. Stronger listeners. Stronger decision-makers. I guess what I’m trying to say is that what I’m most excited about is growth. Growth in our personal lives and in the business as a result of this decision.
I want my Emlyn to remember her dad as someone who took the leap. Someone who fed their faith and starved their fears. Someone who defied what everyone else thought was the way it should be and took the road less traveled because of his faith in God and not in himself, his priorities, or the business. This is part of the legacy I want to leave her.
Our business does not define who we are. Our salary does not define who we are. The measure of success to me looks beyond money. When I look back, I want to ask myself, “Whose lives did we change as a result of venturing down this business venture? How has my life changed for the better as a result of all the INCREDIBLE couples we’ve had the privileged of getting to know?” That is success defined for me. The answer to those questions will define accomplishment. When I answer those questions, that’s all that really matters to me and to us.
So I sit here on the Macbook and allow myself to be vulnerable about who I am and the part I play in our business and will play. Yes, I’m still warming up to the whole writing on the blog thing. I’m sure you will be reading more from me in the near future. Again, I just hope to inspire. I hope to ignite something inside someone else. Whatever that means for you, however minuscule or grand it is, it is my pure joy.
This is yet another exciting journey that we’re taking. I’m taking it so that you believe that faith, hope, and love are real things. To believe that doing what you’re passionate about is a real thing. To believe that doing it for the many couples that we will meet in the near future and join them on their journey is a real thing. Doing it because leaving a legacy is a real thing. You’ve heard the phrase, “keep it real.” I want to keep it real.




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