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December 18, 2014 , Personal



I want to share my heart and dreams with you. I want you to know what I am so passionately praying for and seeking God’s wisdom. This is real. Woman are being brought to my life that have the same heart and passion and desire to join me! I am in need of some support, prayer, and finances. I don’t care if the money ever comes… What I care about is that I have people who say YES! This is what women need!

Some of you may remember the opportunity I (Chrissy) got back in September. Someone had paid my way to the Pursuit 31 Conference! It was such a blessing to be able to go and it confirmed so many things in our journey. The one thing God hit me hard with was how the lies you believe about yourself can keep you from the dreams you were made for. Once I started speaking some truth in areas of my life I realized I had a dream.

When I was 18 I received a word that I would have a traveling women’s ministry. I always kind of ignored it and thought.. not so much! Once I realized the truth about myself in some areas I realized I had a desire to write. As I started to dream, I dreamed up Gracefully You. My hearts desire is to create a place for woman that they can be overwhelmed with grace and feel no shame. A place that they can be honest, authentic and accepted. My vision to start is a blog where ANYONE can submit stories of honest struggle with a BUT grace ending. I want these stories to inspire and connect with all different types of woman! I would love to see a sense of community grow from it as well. We will have the Facebook group as well as a newsletter that will go out every month with updates and stories of how the blog has effected woman.

The first thing I would love to see is Gracefully You small groups develop. We already know of 2-3 areas we can start Gracefully You gatherings as a test run. Once those are underway I envision a conference. This conference would be focused on THIS and NEXT generation. It would also be focused on creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, pastors wives, stay at home moms, and college age girls. All women will be welcome to come but this will be the primary focus. I know a lot of young at heart woman that would love this kind of thing!  I see lots of break out sessions that are specific to the different ladies I listed above. More than anything I dream of it being a place of respit care for leaders and woman who constantly pour out. I want it to be a place that when they walk in grace just kicks them in the face! (Lol so graceful the way I put that).

My big vision is to have a team of people who create and plan the conference, develop small groups, mange social networking, work with sponsors, and so on. I dream of developing a curriculum for the local small groups and lots and lots of pretty merchandise! My heart is to continue to be the visionary and founder and travel around encouraging and equipping woman.

Right now we are at the very beginning stages of this! We have found a designer and we are looking to pay them $580 to get the site LIVE! This may not sound like a lot but to my little family of three and everything that comes along with it.. it is!  I am not going to let $580 stop me from starting this, I am trusting God’s time and I am not going to fear. We still need to look in to down the road becoming a non-profit but for now we will start with the blog! If you are interested in supporting us and launching this ministry click here! Thanks for listening and being a part of my dream!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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