Happy Birthday Andrew |Personal

November 12, 2015 , Personal


Happy Birthday Andrew |Personal


It is hard to believe that almost 10 years ago we met. This is our 9 birthdays since we have been together, and 6th since we have been married. How did this happen? Babe, did you ever think that we would be here? Look at this life we have lived! Look at all you have accomplished. you might not think it is much but lets look at the last ten years.

  1. Graduated from WHBC
  2. Accepted a position as Youth Pastor at LifeSpring, where you grew up and led young people for 6+ years.
  3. Married ME!
  4. Became a daddy to Emlyn.
  5. Moved to PA from Ohio and moved BACK to Ohio from PA.
  6. Managed a bookstore, and worked with your hands for Don Hobaugh.
  7. Completed your completion course work to make your certificate an AAS degree!
  8. Spoke at conferences to young people, youth groups, churches, and more.
  9. Travled to Lima,Peru on a missions trip.
  10. Began shooting with me in 2013 and now you are the biggest part of A+C photography!
  11. Traveled to Florida, Bahamas, Virginia, North Carolina, California, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, Peru (mentioned above), Indiana, and I am sure there is some I am forgetting!
  12. Started running and kept up a regular workout routine for years now!
  13. Got your license in Ohio for Life Insurance and starting a new journey there.
  14. Became Associate Pastor at The FC.


I could list more but you get the point! Your last ten years is proof that you are a man after Gods heart, you are a great husband, daddy, friend, photographer and pastor. We all have so much to celebrate in you. To think of all the lives that have been effected by you, even the ones you simply have hugged or smiled to.. it is amazing. Thank you for being you and loving me so well. There is not a moment that goes by that I am not proud of you and proud to stand with you. I wish you the happiest year ever as you soak in the last of your twenties. I know this year is going to big and I pray that this is a year of renewal, refreshment, and favor. I love you to the moon and back and I am ready for whatever adventures He gives to us because I will go anywhere with you.


Love you,


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