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Today is a special day! Today Andrew, the first half of Andrew + Chrissy, turns 28! Wooo hooo! What??? 28?? When did that happen! This getting older stuff is crazy but we love it! Andrew makes 28 look good and I am so proud of who he has become  and who he is becoming! I wanted to tell you today 5 reasons why I love this man so much!

1. He is a PROVIDER!

Andrew, to his default, is a provider. Sometimes he thinks about it TOO much! He carries the mantle around all the time and never lets it slip. He wants to know that ALL of us are taken care of. God has taken him on a journey to trust Him in this department and it has been amazing to see him grow! At the end of the day I KNOW we are taken care of.. not just because of Andrew’s heart to provide.. but because his heart is always in reverence to Jesus Christ. That’s the second point..

2. His relationship with Christ

Sometimes I think that I know Andrew and how much He loves Jesus but then he will surprise me. His heart is so sensitive to things God speaks and it is breathtaking to watch. While I was in Connecticut, Andrew was moved to tears over the way Jesus was moving in a particular situation. I was 400+ miles away from him, but I in return was moved by his humbleness. I am so thankful to have a husband who leads and listens to the Father’s heart.

3.  He is a loving daddy

I can not tell you what joy it brings to my heart to see him chase Emlyn around the arouse, roar like a lion at her, and tickle her like crazy. I can not tell you how crazy it is for my two year old to be throwing a tantrum on the floor over something silly and him and I just look at each other and bust out laughing. How did we get the honor of doing this together? I love arguing over parenting styles with him! I love kissing her a million times together! I love saying, ” Go tell Daddy!” and him lighting up like he had no idea and then makes her feel all warm inside! I love it all! The hard times make the good times even better!

4. He is creative

Andrew is ridiculously obsessed with music and it is adorable! He gets so excited about new music! In his spare time he loves to watch Youtube videos to catch up on the latest news in the music world! He is a musician and I love that! He plays the bass and drums. He can carry a tune pretty good too, but don’t tell him I told you that! He is a visionary and has crazy creative ideas. I think he sees everything in color! He has taken on photography so well and is even more creative then me in many areas! It is is crazy that we get to do this life together, but I can’t believe we get to CREATE and work together.

5. He is my best friend

Did you ever have a best friend that you just loved to death but sometimes you wanted to pull their hair out? Well, yeah, I did too! This reminds me of that! Andrew gets me and I love that. He is my rock, my encourager, and sometimes that person that just drives me crazy. He sends me on a whirlwind and I love coming back to him. I love knowing that he isn’t going anywhere because he knows me… He knows when I need time.. and HE knows when I need pushed. He is the one I laugh with, the one I cry with, the one I talk smart to when I shouldn’t.. he sees it all!

Happy birthday my handsome, smart, honest, loving husband! I would hate to take on this world with out you and I thank you for being adventurous, fearless, and bold WITH ME! Babe, here is to the next 10 years and all of our dreams! I am so honored to be your wife and I am ready to take on whatever life throws us!

-Chrissy ( The other half of Andrew+ Chrissy)

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