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April 10, 2017 , Business


Healthy Family – Healthy Business | Business

Here we are! April! I can’t believe it! We have a baby in our hands and we are enjoying our time of “slow” to adapt to all the new changes. April is what we call our “nothing” month in the business world! We have no weddings this month and nothing on the books till May and we like it this way for now. It’s amazing that we have a leave built in to our business and have the flexibility to do so. My mind is preparing for May though! What’s May? Well May is the start of our wedding season and it is the start of my “get your butt back in gear” mode.

I want to be realistic with having two kids now and finding balance between work and family. My heart has always told me that I didn’t have to sacrifice being a mom or the desire to be an entrepeneur for one or the other. I truly believe that the desires of your heart are put there for a reason and with balance and a healthy perspective you can achieve those desires. Here are some thoughts I am focusing on as we get closer to the end of our “leave” so that we can be a healthy family and have a healthy growing business.

  1. PART TIME NANNY- Andrew is working a job now at Amazon and we weren’t sure how long he would keep it when he started. As of right now we know he loves it there and he is doing really well. This is great financially because it gives us some stability but we sure miss him at home . With him being gone now we can’t take turns doing work and playing with the kids or have our daily business meetings. It has changed the dynamic. So we are working towards hiring a part time nanny starting June 1st. This will be just for four hours a day from 1-3 days a week depending on weddings. We have someone already lined up and if it all works out we are going to be sharing more on her and what she has been doing for us already!
  2. MARKETING-  The last 9 months have been a whirlwind. I was sick for 5 months while being pregnant and then when I wasn’t sick anymore it was more exhaustion and baby nesting brain. I haven’t felt like my focus needed to be completely on the business for awhile because I was focused on being healthy and getting ready.  Now that we are finding our way through this season I know my energy and time needs to be more focused on our marketing plan. For us this is social media, blog, and referrals (serving the clients we have well now so that they refer later). So a lot of my new office hours will be devoted to focusing on those three things.
  3. OK WITH NEVER ENOUGH- Something I have been realizing is that I have to be ok with the feeling that we are never doing enough. We have our hands in so many things outside of our business with family, church, my parents business, and more. We are passionate about our business but we aren’t going to run it like the single 25 year old girl down the road or the photographer who has been doing it for 20 years and has grown children. We can’t compare ourselves to anyone and we have to be ok with the fact that we can only give what we can give. I’m not saying we aren’t doing enough for our business but in this season of our life, our time and energy has to be devised and planned differently. There is always going to be more we could do but that doesn’t mean we SHOULD do it. Letting go of the pressure that I have to be something in our business that I am not is huge in moving forward in this season. Finding balancer everywhere is more important than doing EVERYTHING in our business.
  4. WHAT WORKED BEFORE- This is another mindset change I have to work on. What worked before may not work now! Andrew and I have realized that what worked in PA for our business most likely doesn’t work here. We have learned that what worked even a month ago might not work now. This is hard. Being creatures of habit we think things should be a little easier and history will just repeat itself. Not the case always. Andrew and I have been consistent in areas and seen totally different results for who knows the reason why. The best thing to know is that it is important to be willing to change and adapt, to try new things and think outside of the box. So Andrew and I are approaching this new season of family and work life with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Really I think this is about challenging ourselves as creatives to keep doing things differently.

I share all of this because I never want our blog or social media to make it look like we are just doing awesome at everything. We so aren’t. We have to find balance in our life and sometimes that’s slow to figure out. We want other young families and entrepreneurs to know that it’s ok to go through changes and to struggle to figure out a new season. You can’t be everything to everyone but we do believe you can do all the things your heart wants to do. The best thing you can do for yourself and those around you is to humble yourself and always be willing to try something else or do things different. Don’t ride the same horse and expect a different experience. As you go through each day, take its challenges with a new perspective and let go of comparison. Be the best you that you can be!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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