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February 18, 2016 , Portraits


Hidden Purposes | Portraits

I got a call from Becky and she needed a photographer on a short notice. Why? Well her family had just found out that their labrador retriever Noah was diagnosed with cancer and was not going to make it. I could hear the sadness in her voice and I felt like it would be a real honor to capture something like this for them. As most of you know, we have been focusing on weddings for a few years now so it kind of took me back to get the call out of no where. I kind of giggled at what God has us up to right now but I felt a peace in my heart. I knew right then what God was showing me.

Andrew and I have a vision and that vision is this…

“Our desire is to not ever let this “business” become a business but rather an avenue to serve others. We believe that our skills and talents were given to us for the purpose of providing for us but more for the purpose of giving to others. We desire that when our services have been completed that we actually left some type of life change more so than a great photo. We want to do things with excellence, serve to our best ability, and work within a healthy balance of life. We want people to remember us for more than our work, we want them to remember who we are and that we cared.”

I felt the Lord remind me of our vision when I hung up the phone with Becky. That our desire is to bring life change. That our desire is to serve and not make this always about a business. So when business tells me that it is better to specialize, and business tells me to be careful what we share…. SERVING tells me otherwise. Serving tells me that this was a sweet family that are going through a season of loss and that WE can be a part of it and even bring CHANGE and life into the situation. It was so amazing to receive text after text from Becky and her daughter about how the images made them feel and how special it was. This is what it is about for us and I am so glad I didn’t let business get in the way allowing us to serve this family.

So I will quit yapping and let you meet Noah, his other dog friends and his family! 😀


Send up some prayers for them as they go through this season with Noah and after they lose him as well! I am so grateful to have met this family and I am so thankful that they found us!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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