How to build your business | Business Tip Tuesday

January 19, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday


How to build your business | Business Tip Tuesday


Since we moved to Columbus we have had so many people ask us how we are building our business in a new city. As we have thought about it more we realize that when you relocate it is basically the same as when you first started. Raising awareness, figuring out what works, getting your name out there.. The goals are the same. We have thought back to our beginning and what caused our business to grow so rapidly in Pittsburgh. We have spent time thinking about what worked and what didn’t and that has helped us in this new season. Today I want to share with you our game plan we have been following since we relocated but I feel this can apply to anyone building their business. Whether you moved to a new city or you are just simply trying to grow your business these are all great tips that will work for you.


1. SEO

We have done our research and over and over again we see things point back to search engine optimization. So maybe you do not know what that means. Simply put, when you google a plumber what do you do? You type it in and you click on a name on the FIRST page, maybe even the first listing and then you are done. The power of being on page one of google is an amazing one. There are many businesses that don’t focus on SEO and make it just fine. Maybe they have large word of mouth and know a lot of people. Whatever it is, SEO doesn’t hurt and especially if you are in a new city where no one really knows you. For us SEO has been one of our main focuses. How are we improving our SEO? Here is how…

  • SEO ANALYST- We hired a great guy that works nationally and has experience with creatives and photographers. He works monthly at pushing us forward to page one. Since we started we were on page 430+..Other words we were non existent. In a few short months we are up to page three or four and moving up. We are hoping with in a month or two we will be to page one. Our city is a little bit more challenging but the pricing and time frame all depends on your direct market and city. If you would like his information to reach out to Dan just shoot us an email at
  • BLOG- We have always been proactive about blogging because it has so many benefits. Since we have moved though our focus has shifted. Our analyst has given us tips with our keywords, titles, tags and more to help boost us up to page one. We are focusing on using our location in almost every blog post. We also try to blog a minimum of three days per week to help keep our info circling. Here are some of our previous blog posts on blogging! I think I am making a new category… BLOGS ABOUT BLOGGING.. ha!  8 Tips for Blogging, 5 Connection Points, Why blog?



We have worked hard since we moved to Columbus to get out in the industry and make some connections. We have  met more people in the last six months than we did in our 6 years in Pittsburgh. We have found so many benefits to getting out there and meeting people but the best thing is referrals and a shoulder to lean on. Business is so much easier when you have like-minded people to walk with you. There is no reason to do this along when we have come so long with community in our industry. Here are some places we have met creatives and professionals in our industry.

  • Tuesday’s Together
  • Wedding Shows
  • Camera Clubs and Wedding Professional Groups
  • Social Media Groups- There are so many groups but find some local and in you niche.
  • Hashtags- find out what your local hashtags are and use them! Comment on other with in the hashtags and introduce yourself by commenting and following them.



Because we have met so many amazing professionals we are geared up now to do TWO styled shoots in February and March! YAY! This is awesome because it gets us connected with vendors that we have never worked with and we get to pick our ideal location, and look. This is so important when you are trying to attract the RIGHT client. Styled shoots for us are our way of saying “this is what we are looking for” to potential clients. We make it known to the vendors that we are here to help them too and will provide all the photos from the shoot, we will mention them in our blog post, and we will submit the shoots to well known blogs and magazines to get their names out there as well. If you have never done a styled shoot before I suggest finding a wedding planner to help lead the shoot and work on those details to really make it pop. Have fun with this!



We haven’t seen any direct benefits from this yet but we are giving at a try. We never want to be known as a “discount” photographer so we have been selective about what promotions we offer. We thought it would be awesome though to give a gift to whoever refers us a wedding. Our referral program is you get a $30 visa card to spend where you would like if you refer a client to us.



We have always been active on social media but we are way more in tune with what we are posting and what vibes we are sending off now. We are trying to travel around more to local coffee shops and hot spots and sharing photos from our adventures. Hashtags and tagging local places is a great way to introduce yourself and get to know some of the places that those ideal clients of yours probably love. Again, use those hashtags but also post images that draw your clients in. We noticed when we first moved everything on our page was from Pittsburgh so people in Ohio had a hard time connecting with our Instagram and Facebook page. Here are some basic social media tips to get out there:

  • Travel to local hot spots and tag and use hashtags. Fill your Instagram with places that are local so that people connect to it in your area.
  • Run Giveaways- Like we said we are not big on running discounts but we love GIVING rather than discounting. We have given away local gift cards, our favorite books, and more. Make sure what you are giving away is something your IDEAL client would LOVE!
  • Local Hashtags- Research the biggest hashtags for your area and niche. Make sure if it is more than 6-8 hashtags to leave them as a comment rather than a caption.
  • Post Frequently but not tooooo frequently. Once a day on each platform is a good start and maybe twice a day here and there on Instagram.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot us an email!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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