Inspire or Drain {Business Tip Tuesday}

March 31, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Inspire or Drain


So for this weeks Business Tip Tuesday I wanted to pass the baton and allow you to learn from who we HAVE learned from and still ARE learning from. We find it so important to be mentored and learn. There is NEVER a time where a photographer should stop learning. The best thing you can do for your business is get underneath someone who is not afraid to spread some of their fire to you. We believe that the “success” we have had so far is all due to the people who have inspired and mentored us over the past 2 years.

So let’s dive in! We follow photographers ONLY if they are UP the ladder. What does this mean? We don’t want to follow someone who is at the same level as us. We don’t want to follow someone who is just starting out. We only want to invest our FREE TIME (I say that in caps because I don’t know what free time I am talking about other than when I am just completely distracted haha!) in photographers who can pour into us and we can learn from. A lot of blogs we follow are geared towards photographers and that is intentional. We do have feeds for photographers WE mentor but we do not spend our time scrolling through photographer after photographer. We have a set few photographers we read and allow into our thought process. For many reasons, we limit what is in our feeds but mostly to keep us on track and if we are going to get distracted by someones blog or post we want it to be something beneficial and encouraging.

We also believe that these photographers should be more NATIONAL than local. Why? Well the comparison trap is a doozy and we all fall into it. If you want to stand out and be a light in your community.. stop looking at all of the photographers in your area and start following ones who have different ideas. I can’t tell you how many ideas we have incorporated from photographers we have followed across the country and it is a BRAND new idea here. If you are asking yourself if you should follow someone locally.. here is what I would say to ask yourself. Do they encourage you? Do you learn from them? Are they in the same price range as you? Do they have the same style as you? These are great questions. If you are following a local photographer who is inspiring to you and you do not feel like you have to compare yourself to.. than great! Whatever it is.. follow those that encourage and inspire you!

So, who is that for us?


Andrew and I both are just in love with these two. The first time we heard them teach in person was at United last February and we were in awe. They teach in a way that is just so easy to understand. We love the way they look at each other while they teach and how their love story is just woven into everything they do. They are masters at lighting and their images just straight up knock us off our feet. They challenge us to think differently and challenge our “how” in manipulating light. The best part… Mary writes straight from her heart. Her practical posts are great but those personal and encouraging posts just seem to be exactly what we need! We have bought their book “The Guide” attended their Walk Through a Wedding Workshop and we definitely plan to do more! Love love love them!


This girl teaches so practically. Her 30 day wedding course on Creative Live was HUGE for us when we were first starting wedding photography! Why else do we love her? Well.. you can look at her images and KNOW that it is her work. This girl has her art down to tee. It is as if she signs it with out ever signing it! She is incredibly creative. Her style absolutely inspires us and is probably the closest in style that we want to achieve. Be sure to follow her just so your feed can be beautiful! Also, she is an open book. Always responds to messages promptly. She has her Dynamic Range group on Facebook and her blogs are so helpful!


Katelyn! Americas sweetheart! No, jk! But really. In the photography world I find a lot of photographers who want to be JUST LIKE Katelyn. It is actually kind of sweet. Katelyn and her husband Michael are legitimate people. They are humble and give their business to the glory of God and it is just incredible to watch. I always tell my youth girls that you should live your life so others will say “I will have what she is having!” Katelyn, you are doing something right! You have something so many want and it is not just your skills.. its you heart for Him. Some people just don’t know it! Thanks for making His name known. and reminding us that it is not to see our name in lights but only for His name to be known in a greater way. I love to follow these two because I know they have been given an amazing platform and I love to see how they use it all for the glory of God. These two inspire me in their work but most of all in the integrity and humility they have in their business and in their lives.


Follow him now! Oh my goodness. This mans work is breathtaking and inspiring. Can I be honest? I like to follow him because when I look at his work I feel so much peace and rest. He captures some of the most beautiful places and couples and it is all just so breathtaking. Mike is a man of priorities and balance and his humility is also inspiring. We heard him speak at United also and we were so moved by him. He shared his honest struggles and how putting God at the center changed everything for him. He is a great man and so encouraging. Again, you wont be sorry if you follow him. His work is exactly what you want in your newsfeed!

We hope you have enjoyed our thoughts on this and we can’t wait to hear how much you guys love these four too!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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