Jaime + Lily | Wedding

November 16, 2016 , Wedding


Jaime + Lily | Wedding

A fairytale to say the least. These two met when they were sophmores in high school. Jaime obeyed Lily’s parents wishes and waited until she was 16 before they could date. Even as they dated these two remained mature and kept their eyes on something most young kids do not. They attended youth group together, served the junior high youth, and kept their faith at the center of their relationship. Jaime enlisted into the marines and these two knew they wanted to be together forever. So their senior year in high school he got down on one knee. They are young but have held wisdom through out their journey. They had every intention on getting married next year until Jaime’s military plans changed. Their families gathered and planned a wedding in just THREE weeks! Jaime leaves again soon to return to schooling and Lily will join him after he graduates in the spring. This story is a little bittersweet for us because we love these two and we will miss them just like their families will. We know though that these two have an exciting adventure ahead of them and together with their faith at the center they will accomplish great things!

Lily and Jaime’s family joined in many ways to make this day happen so fast. Lily’s grandma made her flowers, her mom and a friend made all of the centerpieces and decor. Jaime’s uncle shortened her dress and added the beautiful belt. Lily’s Aunt Molly gave her the veil she wore on her wedding day, Lily’s Aunt Emily did her nails, and so many more gathered for DIY projects and more. Look at what they put together in such a short time!


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