Kailey {Senior 2015}

Kailey! I can not believe this girl is a senior! I can remember when I first came to Greensburg and visited Andrew. Kailey was a hyper 10 year old who could talk all day long. She has grown into such a beautiful young lady. She was beautiful then too.. she just has matured so much. It has been such a neat experience for us to watch middle schoolers become seniors and then go off to college. Now even some are getting married now. Yeah.. we feel old.

Kailey’s family allows us to use their farm frequently for sessions. It was our honor to do pictures for them for all they have given us. When the weather hit 65 in November we knew we better take the chance. The winds were high but it so added to the pictures.

This first image I made for her.. not something we usually do. This song came into my head and I just knew it was for her. 2014-12-03_0001.jpg 2014-12-03_0002.jpg 2014-12-03_0003.jpg 2014-12-03_0004.jpg 2014-12-03_0005.jpg 2014-12-03_0006.jpg 2014-12-03_0007.jpg 2014-12-03_0008.jpg 2014-12-03_0009.jpg 2014-12-03_0010.jpg 2014-12-03_0011.jpg 2014-12-03_0012.jpg 2014-12-03_0013.jpg 2014-12-03_0014.jpg 2014-12-03_0015.jpg 2014-12-03_0016.jpg 2014-12-03_0017.jpg 2014-12-03_0018.jpg 2014-12-03_0019.jpg 2014-12-03_0020.jpg 2014-12-03_0021.jpg 2014-12-03_0022.jpg 2014-12-03_0023.jpg 2014-12-03_0024.jpg 2014-12-03_0025.jpg

I couldn’t decide on black and white or color on this one so I posted both! One of my favorite shots of the year!2014-12-03_0026.jpg 2014-12-03_0027.jpg

What a sunset we had. The orange cast in all her photos is SO natural. It was one of the brightest sunsets I have ever seen!

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