Kyle and Sarah | Columbus Engagement Session

November 4, 2015 , Engagements


Kyle and Sarah | Columbus Engagement Session

A few weeks ago we got a message about Kyle and Sarah and we instantly said “Send them over! We would love to talk!” Kyle and Sarah had just lost their photographer for their December wedding here in Columbus. We were thrilled to hear we might be able to be the ones to come to the rescue. We set up a time to meet with them and we were all seeing that this was more than BY chance.. This was meant to happen.

So back story… Just that week, I paid all of my dental and medical bills for the month. They weren’t due again until December 6th and I told Andrew “I have no idea how we are going to pay for Decembers bills because obviously no one is going to book us for a wedding two months out.” I started racking my brain on how I could try to keep our head above water the month of Decemeber because I knew finances would be close to none. So I thought of mini sessions, graphic design deals, you name it!  If you have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to our medical bills, check out my blog post about my surgery. Our medical monthly payments are double what we paid in monthly living expenses and at times they are unbearable. Having an off season is hard in itself but when you have an off season with giant bills due due still.. that makes it hard!

So, to receive the phone call and hear that this couple had just lost their photographer for their December wedding.. I couldn’t help but smile at what God does. He always allows situations we deem as bad.. to be used for our good. When we met with Kyle and Sarah they realized too what just happened. They felt like they had been saved from a situation that could have only gotten worse. They both were so thankful that they found us and were actaully excited about working with us because of the peace we could bring to them. We talked about God, how He confirms things, and the importance of having JOY on your wedding day. I sat there baffled that God had just taken care of our bills for the month of December and the fact that we met this couple that our hearts absolutely collided with in a beautiful way.

I share all of this because at times I lose my faith. Situtations come up and I just don’t trust. I had no idea how God would provide and yet again he fell swoop right in.. and in the nick of time for us all. We needed them and they needed us. Amazing. So, maybe you don’t know how YOU will pull through, or you feel like nothing is coming together. Don’t lose sight. I am such a firm believer that God ALWAYS has us right where He wants us. These situations we face are not too small or too big for Him. I don’t know why when I lose my trust He still decides to show up but I am thankful for His grace in our weaknesses.

Kyle and Sarah were dealt a situation that wasn’t ideal.. God came in for them. Business owners, don’t forget that we too are doing work that is helping people, saving people. The peace, joy, and confidence we get to provide to these two is a complete honor. I refuse to ever look at a client as JUST a transaction. They are THEE opportunity we have been given to serve in. Serve them well and don’t make it about you. Be aware of all that you can provide them and be ready and eager to serve them. You might be their answer. The answer they have been waiting for.

With all of that being said, I introduce to you Kyle and Sarah. YAYY! These two have a Gatsby themed wedding coming up December 12th here in Columbus and we can’t wait to be a part of it! 😀


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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