Life is like a power bar | Business Tip Tuesday and Recap

May 10, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday


Life is like a power bar. You have 8 open outlets plugged into one source and at first you plug one or two things into it. Then you see you have more outlets not being used and you keep plugging in more and more. “Hey I have the room? Why not?” It is funny the things you start thinking of that you can now plug in there! All of a sudden you look over and the fuse has blown. It is now on the “off” switch because it just couldn’t take it anymore. It had no power left to circulate through everything.  How many of us relate? How many of us look and think “OH MY, I HAVE TO UNPLUG SOMETHING!”

Many times when I feel overwhelmed I start thinking “Something has GOT TO GO!”. This time around I found a small truth that changed my total perspective on busyness! What if everything in my life is actually GOOD? What if everything needs to stay? What if I don’t need to go in total business mode and cut things out but instead I need to stop? With out JOY filled relationships, time for MYSELF and doing the things that make me come alive.. I wont have the nourishment to do the things set before me. The things I am actually meant to do right now. Let me break this little revelation of mine a part for you and show you how to combat this in a different way.

1. Friendships
Make sure your friendships that you spend the most time in are ones that GIVE life. When you walk away you operate out of more JOY. Make sure these are people who can stand with you and celebrate.  When life gets tough make sure they have sound counsel and encouragement to spur you forward. The ones you spend the most time with have a direct effect on your attitude and your ENERGY. If you want more energy to take on what life has for you right now.. MAKE SURE your friends aren’t depleting but are replenishing. Spend more time with those who energize you and less with those who deplete you.

2. Intentional Meetings
I see this all of the time! We fill our calendars with meetings, events, coffee, you name it. When deciding if it is something you should go to or not, ask yourself what GOOD is it for? Is it good for your HEART? Is it good for YOU? Is it good for your business? Make sure that you have things on your calendar that are not ALL for business or all for pretty and style or all for just silly FUN.. Make sure you have something on your calendar to GIVE BACK to YOURSELF and decide how often that should be. This will help you be what you need to be in other areas. If I already have enough business related meetings in our calendar I make sure that I only add things that will challenge me and help me grow for the rest of my week.

3. Just for you
Find things that are JUST FOR YOU. Not something that generates business or can be for other purposes. Something like taking a walk at night, taking a bath with candles, reading a fairytale book, painting, drawing, going hiking, you name it. Make time for this daily even if it is only five minutes. This is a great way to replenish you for what life has for you!

With all of that being said, Andrew and I took a family trip down to see some of our favorite people ever in Lexington, KY. They give life and encouragement and their house is a place of rest and renewal for us. They push us forward and challenge us and when we leave we feel ready to take on whatever else God has for us. We stopped and watched the sunset, read and spent time with Jesus, sang to Jesus around the piano, talked for hours, and laughed. I know not everyone can just stop like this but we encourage you to make time for small getaways as often as your time and resources can provide. We are so thankful for our dear friends and we know with out them and friends just like them that we wouldn’t be carrying on. We are learning those steps I suggested above and let me tell you friends.. They are working!  Here is a recap through iPhone pictures!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy




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