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Andrew and I were able to get away this past weekend. We attended a conference called “Love is Red” in Canton, OH. Usually when we attend this type of thing we are driving separate vans full of teenagers and our main focus is them. Add a baby on top of that and needless to say we come back still kind of tired. This year we decided to go.. not just go but to go by ourselves and just get poured into. To say we needed it is an understatement. Standing beside Andrew with our eyes fully lifted to Jesus is one of my favorite things to do. The rest we experienced and the words received in our hearts are so important. I want to highlight some of my favorite quotes from all different speakers from the weekend. So good.. Get ready because there is A LOT of them!


“I don’t want to die with potential” – Noah Nickel

“Do not let your PRESENT situation effect your future POSITION”- Noah Nickel

“Nothing great for God has even been done without opposition … Chaos defines that you are right where you need to be” – Noah Nickel

“Compromise seems convenient if you lack strong commitment.” – Noah Nickel

“If the enemy can’t discourage you he will will distract you.” – Noah Nickel

“What gets celebrated gets replicated.” – Brad Cooper

We are not looking for A MOMENT we are looking for a MOVEMENT.” – Brad Cooper

“Passion produced out of prayer and praise pushes you to extremes.” – Carl Lentz

“What appears to be a breakdown can often be a breakthrough…. IF you understand God’s grace” – Carl Lentz

“Our submission defines our authority” – Brad Cooper

“God opposes the proud. The way you get up front is do really good work in the back. Humility is a by product of spending time with Jesus — it is not a reflection of yourself ” – Brad Cooper

“When we see Christ for who He is He then tells us who we are.” – Brad Cooper

“Our posture NOW defines our portion later!” – Brad Cooper

“Fear is the foundation of every bad decision.” – Dustin Woodward

“Great leaders pay attention and poor leaders seek attention.” – Dustin Woodward<

“Don’t live for applause live for PURPOSE. If you live by applause you will die by applause.” – Dustin Woodward

“Great leaders pursue the right spirit over the right energy.” – Dustin Woodward

“Energy impresses people but the right spirit keeps people.” -Dustin Woodward

“Great leaders turn confrontation into motivation.” -Dustin Woodward<

“It is not about what you achieve but more about what you set into motion.” -Dustin Woodward

“Everyone gets overlooked but not every one self destructs over it.” – Dustin Woodward

“Countenance communicates louder than calculated words.” – Dustin Woodward

“Trophies aren’t given to the most gifted but to the one who endures to the end.” – Jordan Smucker

“Integrity is the thing you do when no one seems to be watching.” – Rich Wilkerson Jr.

“Charisma gets the attention of man and character gets the attention of God.” – Rick Wilkerson Jr.

“Identify the thing that is going to stop you and then stop it.” – Rich Wilkerson Jr.

“When we step out into the unknown that is when God is made known.” – Rich Wilkerson Jr. 

If you are not inspired after all of that I am not sure what it will take! Some of those are just absolutely life changing. I encourage you to pick three or four that stick out to you. Write them down. Hang them up. Whatever stands out in your mind is what your heart is trying to desperately to understand. Syncing your mind and your heart takes time and soaking it in over and over helps the process. Be encouraged.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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