Marketing Tips {Business Tip Tuesday}

May 19, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Wedding Marketing Tips {Business Tip Tuesday}


This past fall I got to attend Walk Through a Wedding with Justin and Mary and it was amazing. Marketing has always been an area we considered more of a strength so it was incredible to walk away from their learning even more about how to market our business successfully. As most of you know, we are relocating to Columbus in July and these techniques will really help us branch into our new area.

1. Vendor Cards

Every wedding venue we shoot at this year will receive a custom vendor card with their logo on it and our info in the back. This will showcase their building and services they offer with out photos and will be a great tool for them to hand out to potential clients in the future. We just sent our first ones of the year off and the venue is ecstatic about it! We order 25 5×7’s from and have them shipped directly to them.

2. Blog Contest

After every wedding we post a blog within 10 days of the wedding. Comments on a blog are great and help boost seo. To help boost our comments and get the word out there we created an image that is given to our couple in their pass gallery that talks about getting as many comments as they can. With 25 comments they get a reward, 40, and so on. We give away a 24×36 canvas for the biggest reward and smaller prints for less comments. You gett he idea.

3. Review Rewards

We also give a free 4×6 for every review that comes in pertaining their wedding day. this helps boost our sep, gives us great feedback, and gets those reviews we wouldn’t normally get.

4. Tag all vendors

We have been sharing a lot more over on Instagram and we have noticed a huge increase since we have been tagging all of the vendors involved. Especially the venues. This is a great way to reach people who might be looking into that some venue and are checking out their Instagram account.

5. Styled Shoots

Do you not have any venues to connect with? Are you just starting out or relocating? Plan a styled shoot at an ideal venue and themed around what an ideal client would have. This is a great way to start showing your followers the work you are about and to directly reach your ideal client. We will be doing a lot of this in our new city!

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