Meet Kali {Pickerington Central Senior 2015}

December 8, 2014 , Seniors



MEET KALI <3 Pickerington Central Senior 2015


When Andrew and I went to Ohio for Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to shoot Kali’s senior photos. I can remember Kali when she was about 9 or 10 years old from the church I grew up in. There is nothing crazier then seeing kids become adults. This girl has grown to be such a beautiful young lady. She is spicy yet sweet. Her laugh lights up a room and she is so loved. Congrats on your senior year! We wish you the BEST of luck and we know you will succeed at whatever life gives you. 2014-12-08_0001 2014-12-08_0002


I love when we ask students to give us a serious face and they bust out laughing! NEVER FAILS! 2014-12-08_0003 2014-12-08_0004 2014-12-08_0005

Andrew saw this picture in his head and did a great job creating it! I love the mood it gives with her serious face and the blanket. 2014-12-08_0006 2014-12-08_0007 2014-12-08_0008 2014-12-08_0009

I just love covered bridges and she just makes them even better! 2014-12-08_0010 2014-12-08_0011 2014-12-08_0012 2014-12-08_0013 2014-12-08_0014 2014-12-08_0015 2014-12-08_0016 2014-12-08_0017 2014-12-08_0018 2014-12-08_0019 2014-12-08_0020 2014-12-08_0021 2014-12-08_0022 2014-12-08_0023 2014-12-08_0024 2014-12-08_0025 2014-12-08_0026 2014-12-08_0027

We went to Slate Run Historical Farm and it was neat to get a tour! Such a quaint little farm house! 2014-12-08_0028

What girl doesn’t love a wooden swing? I stinking love it! 2014-12-08_0029 2014-12-08_0030 2014-12-08_0031 2014-12-08_0032 2014-12-08_0033 2014-12-08_0034 2014-12-08_0035 2014-12-08_0036 2014-12-08_0037 2014-12-08_0038  2014-12-08_0040

Andrew and I see natural light like this and we let out squeals! We love doing something like this because it is just NOT common for senior photos. She looks so sweet. 2014-12-08_0041 2014-12-08_0042 2014-12-08_0043


Thank you for stopping by! If you are in the COLUMBUS, OH area or GREENSBURG,PA area please head to our senior rep page and look over the info to be a 2016 senior model!

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