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January 22, 2016 , Wedding


AC Mentoring Experience | Columbus Photographers


Andrew and I are so excited to finally have a house of our own here in Columbus. We move into our house in Pickerington near Canal Winchester next week. Every little detail in our house hardly gets discussed with out thinking about all the clients, mentoring sessions, and workshops that will be held their. When we lived in PA we were able to host our first ever workshop and it was a blast. From there we mentored 8+ photographers privately in our home. We realized along the way that we absolutely love supporting other photographers and the feeling we get from doing it is just as good if not better than shooting a wedding. Every mentoring session we walked away from we felt excited for their business and happy that we could encourage them in all of their potential. We are beyond ready to invite people into our home and pour our hearts into encouraging them!

So here is what is on the radar for our mentoring and workshops! We are going to start off these next 6 months with private mentoring sessions only. We plan to have another workshop later in the year! With just hosting the Renew Night event, we feel one-on-one is really our next step. Our mentoring experience is a very personal and laid back morning. We will start at 9am with coffee and snacks and go over all the questions you want answered. We send you a questionnaire to find out what areas we need to talk on most and build the discussion time around that. This can be from marketing and branding to technical, pricing, client experience and more. Then we will head out for a headshot session and during that time we will be an open book for any posing and technical questions as well. Yes, you will be provided with new head shots for your business! After the headshot session we will take you out to lunch and continue our discussion on the things we weren’t able to complete earlier. We will wrap up the day around 1:00pm. We will have a few surprises as well along the way!

If you are interested in more info and pricing for one of our private mentoring sessions please shoot us an email at or fill out our contact form! We will be running our mentoring promotion through out February and you can book as far as 6 months out with a retainer of just $100 to hold your spot. We would love to have you into our new home and encourage you in all that you are designed to do!

P.S. Not local? We do Skype mentoring as well! 😀

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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