Transition: PHASE TWO | Personal

January 28, 2016 , Personal


Transition: PHASE TWO | Personal

We have our NEW house on the BRAIN because we move THIS weekend! After living in Columbus for 6 months with an amazing family that opened their doors to us we are FINALLY ready to move into a place of our own. Not having a home to call ours has had its challenges and most of them took us by surprise. We also have been really fortunate to have had a home to stay and catch a break. Most people think that we were just taking it easy and saving up money while living under someone else’s roof but that wasn’t the case at all. If it weren’t for someone opening their home to us we would have lost everything and I mean that!

As most of you know I had my big surgeries in February through August and we were hit hard financially. We had some hidden things pop up that we weren’t expecting. We never expected our minimum payment for our CareCredit to be $1400. We were paying over $1800 a month from August-January just in DENTAL bills. I am not exaggerating. It was crazy!  We paid 9k in payments in a short five months. Every dollar we had went towards keeping our family afloat. At the same time my school loans went into full swing AND the week we moved out here we were forced to buy a car. Some how all at once everything came crashing down. Some how EVERY month we were able to make those payments, provide the necessities for our family and truck through it all. If we would have had a home to pay for during that time and all the exspenses that comes with that.. We would easily be 20k in debt with destroyed credit. Thank you JESUS that didn’t have to happen! We can hardly believe we made it out on the other side! We have so much to be thankful for!

Last month we finally got approved for a personal loan to transfer all of my medical bills into whixh had a much MUCH lower payment. This gave us some finances back to be able afford a place of our own again. Andrew started a new job a few weeks ago as a life insurance broker and it has already turned so many things around for us! We feel so blessed that he found this opportunity! Unfortunately because of moving the business and changing jobs recently we are not able to buy a house of our own for awhile but we found a house that is perfect for now to rent. This house is everything we want in a home for entertaining. Over 80% of the house is entertaining space and we love that. Who needs big bedrooms when all you do is sleep in there? Right?! ha! So we will make due and create a place for family and community!

Not having a home of our own this past six months has shown us what our hearts are truly for. I remember the first house we moved into.  We told the Lord that if He gave it to us we would use it for Him and we did. We welcomed several people to LIVE and stay with us during transitional times in their life. We hosted youth group sleepovers, had small groups, workshops, mentoring and more. Now that we have been through this season we really feel like we will never take for granted having a place of our own again.. no matter what it is. To have a home to invite people over to share a meal with is HUGE. To have a home to laugh and play with your family with is HUGE. We are so excited to host small groups in our home, have church events, host workshops again, mentoring sessions, and more. We see it all in this house and we are so thankful.


Can you tell I am excited? Not to mention I can’t wait to have a kitchen to cook in again, go grocery shopping and fill my cabinets with all the organic and healthy food that makes my heart so happy! I can’t wait to have a routine with Emlyn and to wake up and read devotionals over our breakfast. I can’t wait to make her bedroom all “EMLYN” and butterfly it out for her little hearts content. I can’t wait to lay down with Andrew at night in a home we filled together and wake up and kiss him off to his job. I am so hungry for consistency and routine it is ridiculous.


Over the next week send us some prayers and think of us. We are excited and this is a huge step in our transition to Columbus. This is important for us, for our business, and for our church. Pray for provision as our business continues to move along and Andrew learns his new job. Pray for Emlyn that she transitions well to the new house, last time was hard but this should be a lot easier! Pray that everything goes smooth with the move and that God would settle us in. We know now that any home God has given us is a home to be thankful for. This season has been so humbling, challenging, but rewarding and we know that from here things will only keep getting better.

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Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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