Monday Up-To Inventory | Personal

July 11, 2016 , Personal


Monday Up-To Inventory | Personal

We have had two wedding weekends in a row and now we are on a long break! Well sort of break, you know how that goes. With the renovations going on at our new space we are in full force motion now that we have some time to off to focus. Let me catch you up! I forgot to post some photos last week from 4th of July so I threw those in here too! We spent most of the day resting but headed out to the parade in the evening. Emlyn loved the marching bands and gymnasts. She got a ton of candy that she now asks for 3 times a day! After  the parade we headed down to fireworks with some of our favorite people!




To kick off our first non-wedding weekend our friends Scott and Holly and their two boys came for a visit from Pennsylvania. Emlyn and Judah were born two weeks a part. Holly and I became close when we were 6 months pregant or so. We would walk the neighborhood together and dream what life would be like with a baby. Emlyn and Judah became best friends instantly. Honestly, moving away from them was probably the hardest part of it all. Judah and Emmy picked up right where they left off though and played so well! Jase is their youngest on the left and he is THE SWEETEST. I could just kiss the heck out of that kid!



We took them to COSI. The kids AND adults loved it! We swam at our community pool, we took them to try Harvest Moon and Fantasy Cupcakes. On Friday we had a babysitter come and got some adult time. We took them to our favorites Katalina’s and North Star Cafe. We were sad to send them off to go back home but we will soon see them in PA.


Saturday we had our big community yard sale which was exactly what we needed since we are downsizing. We took the rest to Goodwill and now we need to start packing things up that is going into storage while we continue renovating. We painted at the new place for a few hours. So much painting. So much more to do! So painful! Ha! I got to spend the evening on Saturday with my girl Amber on a friend date! We went to a local pub called Chef T’s. That girl is a trip but some ME time was in order and I can count on her for that! Andrew and Emmy played at the pool all evening and they had fun. They had the whole pool to themselves the last hour so they got to be really silly. We finished off the week with a wedding consult and hanging with friends last night!


So what is on our agenda? Here is what our week looks like!

Monday- Work! We are both so behind on work because of all the renovations that Monday has been catch up day! I am so looking forward to this! Emails, design work and more!

Tuesday- Emmy has a little VBS program! More work and most likely a Home Depot trip and some painting!

Wednesday- Emmy has her first swim lesson and we have more painting to do!

Thursday and Friday are declared work days this week! Emlyn will be with a sitter and we will be painting, doing small odds and ends things and cleaning all the dust and paint off the floors. Our goal is to try to start moving stuff over NEXT week! Crazy! We move officially in two weeks! YIKES! Would you believe me if I said not ONE box is packed! We have some work to do! We will be posting some updates on the new space this week. Keep a look out!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy



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