Monday Update {Up-to Inventory}

September 21, 2015 , Personal


The Monday Update {Up-to Inventory}


We are… getting ready to leave for the beach in three days. It is our first ever destination wedding and Emlyn gets to come with us! YAYY!

We have… been all over the place. Not just physically but mentally. We have so many business things to get in order with moving, figuring out a full time income for Andrew, working at the pizza shop helping my parents, weddings, seniors, editing, taxes, Emlyn- preschool, tball, church leadership meetings.. and the list goes on!

Life is… crazy but good. We know that this season is only temporary and we are thankful!

We can’t wait… to find a routine and settle in. Once wedding season is over and we know what our day to day life will look like with Andrews full time job.. I feel like it will be easier to plant some roots. Not to mention we can’t wait to be able to move out of our hosts home and get a place of our own!

We are loving… our new car and all the traveling we get to do. And pumpkin spice lattes are pretty good right now too.

We have found… that is time to upgrade our cameras. You know what I mean? It is just that time! We have shot with them for two years and we are ready for something else.

We are learning… that life is not all about what you have and what you are doing but instead about what difference you are making in others. We have learned that even with out a house of our own, little money, lots of struggles.. that we still feel satisfied because we are loving spending time with people and just loving on them and serving them. May sound cliche but when everything is stripped away from you.. it is hard not to have an awakening to what really matters most.

We believe… the best is yet to come. It may be challenging right now but we believe that sacrifice reaps a great reward and we know that this will all pay off.

We hope… that won’t just get “known” here in Columbus but that we can make a difference in the community. That we could leave our thumbprint in some way.

We are thankful.. for all the photographers we have met and connections we have made since being in OH. Between Pursuit 31, The Rising Tide Society, and just some networking get togethers… We have felt so fortunate! Community has been huge for us here and is playing a huge role in giving us hope for the future.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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