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May 15, 2017 , Personal


Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day as a momma of two and it was just another day to be thankful for. It wasn’t anything completely unordinary because my hubby and girls are always pretty good to me. However, it was a day I was a little more aware of my day to day. Why did it seem like yesterday was more of a rat race than it normally is? We were speeding off in our car the whole beginning of the day and Aydah sure made the day eventful too!

We headed to church at 8:30AM with two kids so that Andrew could play drums. Getting everyone dressed and out the door and NOT arriving late was a success for this momma! We had to leave church as soon as worship was over and race to Emlyn’s preschool graduation that we nearly missed. We did miss the first half and the car ride there Emlyn and I might of shed a few tears fearing we would miss the whole thing. Thankfully Emlyn was still recognized and got to sing the last song. This momma heart couldn’t have taken it if she would have missed the whole thing.

A graduation Aydah decided to have her biggest poop yet and managed to fill her diaper for thirty seconds straight. Yup, I went there. lol. I wont give you all the details but needless to say we had fun handling that. As soon as she was all clean again she spit up all over her and Andrew. We couldn’t help but laugh at that point!

After we headed to O’Charleys! Andrew and I could eat rolls all day and now Emlyn has joined the bread loving party too. We were so fortunate because that place is always slammed on Sundays and we thought for sure at 12:30pm we would have a wait. We walked in and literally got the last table before the wait started. When we were walking out the wait was an hour plus!

When we got home I asked Andrew to grab some photos of me with the girls so we headed over to my parents new building. My roots are in full action and I can’t help but notice my circles and total postpartum body but I also can’t help but love these photos. I also can’t help but notice how big Emmy looks! Man time flies!

After this we all took a glorious nap and that was the best gift ever for this momma! 😛

So most days I don’t even get to shower lately and we spend a lot of time cuddling and momma throws back more coffee than usual. When I sit down to work there is usually some type of chaos going on around me. Like right now, Emlyn is watercoloring. Though it is chaotic this momma is super thankful! I know this season is short.

This morning I shared this on my personal page and it is too perfect not to share here too. I love the way God talks to mommas through children.

“I got a mommas girl this time. Her eyes never leave me. I walk away for thirty seconds and come back and she smiles at me like she just saw me for the first time.

Emlyn was like this with her daddy and still is captivated by him. Her whole day is built around when daddy will be home from work. Both does something to my heart I can’t explain but I’ll try.

Every smile and eye follow from Aydah reminds me that I have a God who loves me despite my imperfections.

Emlyn’s never ending focus on her daddy reminds me that I to need to never lose focus on my daddy. I’m always amazed that Andrew is the disciplinary yet the one she runs too. Emlyn’s love for her daddy is never altered. She may not understand always but she knows she loves him! I need to learn that too.

Aydah’s awe and wonder of her mommy and intent listening skills reminds me that Jesus is right there listening to me, He sees me and hears me.

Being a mommy is tough work but the work God does in my heart through them is something that could never be done any other way. I’m so thankful for this little unit of ours and that iron sharpens iron.

Not to mention, my husband really is an amazing daddy. These girls melt his heart and that melts mine!”

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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