Our Best Business Decisions

February 21, 2017 , Business Tip Tuesday


Our Best Business Decisions | Business Tip Tuesday

Ok so I could probably list more for this post but I don’t want to overwhelm you. The list of our mistakes would be even longer so no worries, that is coming up soon! In business we have learned you have to be willing to learn from success and failure. Today we are going to share with you things that we have decided on in our business and we have NO regrets! So let’s dive in.

1. Choosing the D750

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t totally tempting to go buy two D4s cameras or the new D5. I used to think we would have to HAVE the best in order to be the best. Obviously we would be uber excited to shoot with those cameras but the financial investment for us is where we have to be smart. Andrew and I have discovered no matter what the camera body is, with the amount of pictures we take a year.. upgrading is still going to be a necessity after a while. All shutters eventually wear out. The d750’s we bought are so affordable and the quality is amazing. It feels good knowing we didn’t compromise our wallets for the “best” camera. We put our budget first but walked away with amazing cameras.


2. Hiring an Accountant

We really only talk with our accountant over tax season but he has been a lifesaver. For the first few years we did everything ourselves. Now we keep track of everything on Quickbooks online and just send the file over to him. This process is so much less stressful and helps us have peace of mind we are doing things correctly. Not to mention I believe this truly has helped us not owe as much or get more back depending. Aside from taxes, just in the legal side of business he has helped us straighten a ton of things out. We know what our monthly profit and loss is, where we need to cut budgets, where all our income is coming from etc.


3. Reaching Out

It can be so easy when you feel discouraged to clam up and not ask for help. It’s even easier to go this route as a creative when the comparison game is always alive and well. What creative really wants to admit they are struggling? Well, we do! Moving to a new city and dealing with lots of other changes, Andrew and I have learned the only way to grow is to be honest about your weaknesses. We have reached out locally and asked for advice as well as reaching out to international photographers we admire. This makes a big difference in the practical but even more so emotionally. Don’t let yourself feel alone and defeated. Reach out!


4. 17 Hats

I am telling you! Having a studio system with a solid workflow changed everything for us. What used to be 20 hours of work went down to like maybe 1-2 hours. I have so much peace of mind because my workflow is so fine tuned in the system that I don’t have to think about it. It leaves me with just the extra emails and personal touches to think of. With this pregnancy, I don’t know how the business would have survived. Being sick those first four months, I never had to worry about my clients or that I was missing something.


5. Batch Editing

I remember the days I never knew there was a thing called batch editing! Wow! Hard to believe for me. This sped up our post processing time immensely. What used to take me 4 days to edit an entire wedding now only takes me a day. I still take our photos into Photoshop and do all of the plus editing like removing signs, blemishes etc. What is different is I edit exposure and the over look of an entire section in Lightroom at once. So for example I take a bridal portrait, I edit one and then apply the edit to all the similar images. They must be same lighting and set up. This has helped me even when shooting to think consiciously about changing lighting and locations. I try to always have a good batch of photos in one area or type of lighting.


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy



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