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November 18, 2019 , Wedding


I know we might get some controversy for this but I am going to say it and PROUD! We LOVE to Black Friday shop! Seriously! I wanted to share some of our insights from the last 13 years of Black Friday Shopping and WHY we have resulted in ONLY shopping at Target and no where else on Black Friday.

Pre-children Andrew and I would go out and go to every store we could. Walmart, Target, Macy’s, JcPenny, Kohl’s, Dicks, you name it! We would stay out ALL NIGHT and we would do pretty good. Last year we ONLY went to Target and it was the best year yet! Why? Well ONE now that Black Friday has been spread out over the TWO days, Thursday evening and all day Friday, it was much more successful. Every year we would look at the Target ads and see items we were excited about but no matter what time we got there.. they were GONE! We went around 7pm on Thanksgiving last year and the store felt normal. It was much calmer. We were in bed by 10pm! I even went back Friday afternoon to get an item I ordered off the app to ensure I’d get it.. and it was still pretty calm. Target has done a phenomenal job with having enough stock on their hot items and I no longer feel I am in the rat race. The best part is you can order everything in the ads online and have it shipped for FREE or pick it up at the closest store.

So what do we buy that makes it worth going? Well ONE, I do want to clarify that Andrew and I just LOVE the Christmas season and we actually enjoy shopping even if we don’t buy anything. It is fun to us just to watch people get excited to buy for their kids, spouses, family, grandparents, etc. We love to encourage people, small talk in line, help them find things and so much more. For us, it is the experience and a chance to be a bright light when everyone is out in the hustle. BUT we do always check out the ads and have an idea of what we want to look for. So here is what we almost always look at.

  1. Tupperware – HAHA! I know right? Let me tell you! Black Friday is the best time to throw all your mismatching Tupperware out and buy it all new! I almost always get a HUGE set for anywhere between $5-$9! Target ALWAYS has it on sale and Walmart too!
  2. DVD’S- There are usually BluRays and DVD’s on sale that we specifically have our eye on. This is how we have acquired all of our Christmas movies like Santa Claus, Elf, The Christmas Story Etc. This year I am very curious how Target’s DVD’s are going to do since a lot of the titles that are on sale are on Disney Plus. You feel me?
  3. Pajamas- We never have enough pajamas so this a great time to stock up. We also like to get everyone new pj’s for Christmas. They are always on sale Black Friday but I will tell you they are hands down the hardest item for me to find in our sizes. They are usually all gone. Last year I did end up buying them from the Target app. I would recommend not banking on buying these in person!
  4. Cat + Jack- Where are all my momma friends at? $3 and $4 Cat and Jack items for the win! I love to load up on these on Black Friday! Cat + Jack is seriously the cutest line and they are great practical clothes.
  5. Electronics- We don’t typically buy electronics but if we NEED something we almost always try and wait until Black Friday! This year I can not get over the TV prices and iPads! The Air Pods are on sale too! We do not need any big items right now but I had to mention it because I SUPER recommend buying them now if you need it. Again, online has the same sales! I am considering picking up an Amazon FireStick for $19 however because right now we have a 1st generation Apple TV and I think it is time for an update!
  6. Clothing- Andrew and I almost always buy a pack of socks, underwear, shirts that were on sale etc. Again, we shop out of necessity more than anything. This year I do need some more warm socks and Target has a ton of women’s socks and warm cozy things on sale! Also the boots this year for the whole family are on sale for $15 and I am STOKED! That also might have to be an online purchase to get our sizes but that is AWESOME!
  7. Games- We almost always buy a family game or two because they are usually HALF OFF! We don’t have any specific ideas for games this year so I imagine we will spend some time in that aisle deciding what game to get!
  8. Stocking stuffers- We load up on our stocking gifts at Target every year! The dollar spot is always the best but we buy little toys as well or some of the fun spa things they have for our 7 year old.
  9. Toys- This year we are looking to buy a Train Table for Jadd, slime kits and craft things for Emlyn, and Aydah we are so up in the air with. Both girls love cuddly things like squishems and oversized stuffed animals. We may have to try something new for Aydah but overall the kid does not really play with toys. Any gift suggestions for an almost 3 year old? I did see a giant Jenga game on sale and a toolbench!
  10. Sport items- This year all of the Wilson balls are on sale for $10! Footballs and Basketballs caught our attention! We are pumped about that!
  11. The business- We almost always buy SD cards, batteries, and any other little things that are super on sale! Last year I stocked up and bought 12 memory cards for $9 a piece and they are normally $39 a piece.

To check out the Target ad and find out what else is on sale click here!

We used to have to have a grand plan on how to get everything we wanted but now with it being so much calmer we haven’t had to do that. If for some reason you find yourself in a large crowd we highly recommend having a line person and then a person who finds what you need. A lot of times Andrew would stand in line I would meet him when I was done. Now Target runs their line so smoothly that even if it is super long it goes so fast.

I hope you are excited to get your shop on like we are! More than anything I hope if you go out that you remember to be kind! Help when you can and be patient. Happy shopping!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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