Our Fave 2014 Details

Details! We love details! We find it so important to take our time to shoot the details. Brides spend months, some even spend years, coordinating the details for this ONE day. We want to be sure to capture them beautifully so that our couples will always remember them. Here is all of the info we provide to our couples in our client lounge. If you do not know what our client lounge is.. well I will be blogging about that soon! 😀

1. When we arrive, I will check in with you, say hi to the ladies, and then we’ll grab your dress and everything else listed below and spend about 45 minutes or so on location photographing the details. It’s incredibly helpful for us if you can have ALL of your details boxed up for us to take with us. Something with handles is pretty great as we’ll have to carry all of our gear and all of your details to the location we’ve scouted for them! Designating someone to be in charge of your details is fantastic so that if we need something, we can go directly to that person rather than you (the bride). 

 2. Details to have with the bride:

Bride + (optional) bridesmaids’  dresses (on pretty hangers if possible), rings (engagement, wedding rings, his and hers), brides shoes, brides jewelry, perfume, bride’s headpiece/veil + bridesmaids’ hair adornments, bouquets and boutonnieres, handkerchief, stationery (invitations, programs, menus, save the dates, seating cards, etc.), gift/letter from the groom to the bride, heirlooms/keepsakes, clutch, something old/new/borrowed/blue/ sixpence, garter, any other details that you want photographed, and anything that we can use to photograph details on that includes the color/theme of the wedding. 

3. Details to have with the groom:

Suit, tie, cufflinks, socks, shoes, watch, pocketsquare, gift/letter from the bride to the groom, heirlooms/keepsakes, cologne, any other details that you want photographed, and anything that we can use to photograph details on that includes the color/theme of the wedding

4. Have your florist deliver your flowers to your getting ready location, not to the ceremony site. We’ll be able to photograph those gorgeous blooms while they’re fresh, you’ll have them for your bridal portraits, and you’ll be able to enjoy them much longer than you would otherwise!

So that is the run down on how we shoot details!

Here are our favorites from this year! 




















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Andrew + Chrissy Photography